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My Dad

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I need extra prayers for my dad. Today he meets with Dr. Gibson to get his new test results. I REALLY hope and PRAY the chemo is doing it's thing. He was in a really good mood yesterday and has been eating really well, so I think it's a good sign. For the past few days I though he was giving up, until I spoke with him yesterday. He hasn't been able to have his chemo because his potassium was too low. Again, I hope today he can!! He has 2 more cycles left for chemo and then hopefully surgery. Anyway, please say an extra prayer for him today. He really needs to get some good news!! His apt. is at noon today, so I'll hope to update everyone later.


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Consider it done...extra prayers coming your, and your dad's, way.

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Thank you so much for your kind words and words of wisdom!!! I'm on pins and needles right now waiting for my mom to call!! My stomach is in knots!!! I'm trying to eat my lunch and it's just not going down. I really PRAY things go his way today. I'll be in touch as soon as I hear something!!!


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Hi Erika,

Sorry I'm late but I'm here now and the prayers are coming, by now the blood work should be back if all is on time and you will know soon!!! I truely know how much you want these last 2 treatments to be over with. Who knows may be your dad & Al will have there surgeries close together. I'm sitting here just praying and praying that it will happen.

Then we might be able to have lunch.


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Well I heard from my mom. It's been a VERY long day for them. Their apt. got pushed back, so they didn't see the Dr. until 2. Anyway, his blood counts were good, so he was able to get his chemo. The had to adjust the Iretcan(sp). The had to make adjustments. Even with the adjustments he started having cramps again. All ended up ok in the end. HE did gain 10 pounds, so that was GREAT news!! As for the results. Well, there is improvement. The tumors shrunk some more. Not sure of sizing. They will test again after the last round. The Dr. is suggesting him resting for 6 - 8 weeks after the last cycle and to get tested again and possibly starting the chemo again. I need to find out more about this. This is the part of the study that I'm not totally understanding. I'm wanting him to get to the point of surgery, not to just sit and let see what is happening in between. I will sit down tonight and make my next list of questions. I personally feel the chemo is working too slow. I'll need to wait until my parents get back home to discuss this further. My mom does feel the same that it's working too slow. I'm going to want an apt. with Dr. Luketich to get his opinion next. I'm feeling very frustrated and confused right now. I want my dad's information to benefit the future, but my goal is to have him become a survior 1st, then help the future. Part of me just wants him to have standard chemo and the other half wants to continue the study. I need to really pray about this and hope the right answer comes to us. At this point I'm not sure if they are trying to have the tumor just sit and go into remission or get my dad to surgery. I'm so torn!!! Sorry to ramble, my mind is racing!!!

Kath - it would be GREAT if they had their surgery around the same time. I keep praying for that!!! I'd love to meet you!!! I'm still dying to meet Loretta and William as well. Everyone's story has been so helpful on this site.

Sleep well everyone!!!
Hugs and prayers to everyone!!

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It doesn't sound like bad news, but not quite the news you were hoping for. I'm glad they were able to do his chemo today. I am also on irinotecan, and it gave me horrible belly cramps for the first few days, just starting to ease a bit today. I'm assuming your doctors want to make sure the tumor has responded enough to chemo prior to surgically removing it. During gastric surgeries, the tumors are very sensitive and can slough off some cells if not carefully handles, which is a greater chance with a larger tumor...just from how it's been explained to me. Hang in there lady, and keep your chin up high!!! You're getting there!!


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My wife Linda did Irotecan with Sesplantum VERY STRONG MEDS She was OK with it once the doctor got the dosing down Shrunk the tumor from an orange size to a lemon size also with radiation
I KNOW what you are going through My prayers are with you


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