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LINDA IS HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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Just took linda home this AM Still a bit of pain has to sleep in the recliner for now Glad to get out of hospital Has an appointment to see sergon in 2 weeks LIFE IS GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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That is great news!!! I'm glad she's home and resting in your own home!! Please keep us updated as often as you can!!


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I have been following your posts.....I am also a caregive. Husband was dx in March with stage iv ec. Not a candidate for surgery but has had his chemo treatments in the hospital. I can relate...it is always so good to have him home. Best of luck to you.

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Abe, I know how you feel having her home, my husband has only been home 2 weeks, still has to sleep in the recliner, but doing good. It is so nice to get them home so you can rest also, How did her swallowing test go? did she pass? is she able to eat? Please keep us advised, once they are home its a walk in the park, well sometimes. Hang in there let me know

trust me i was excited too.

Lori aka MOE

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Hi William,
Nice to see you back on the site again, the reason Jeff is still sleeping in a recliner is because he tried laying down and he said he just feels like it still too new stomach and things feel like they are backing up to his throat, plus he just got all the staples out last thursday, now we are battling diahrea, and have contacted his surgeon, of course i am sure you know what we had to do of scooping it out and taking it to the lab of course i work for that lab so i can pretty do what i want with it and when to take it. The surgeon thinks he might have picked up a bug from being on so many antibotics, its called C-Diff, as he is eating great, drinking great, feels great but just visits the bathroom alot, so he said he is use to sleeping in the chair, he did that during chemo cause of the pump, so he said its nothing new to him. He is not even 1 month since surgery and is doing good, we do watch the sugar, and he has definately learned to eat smaller meals, several times a day, and so have I amazing how when someone so special almost dies, how you go along with them on things. You have to remember when you are in a hospital bed they can elevate their head so that is why, another survivor on here "chewbacca" said the same thing, maybe its different with our kind of surgery compared to yours, but he is alive and thats what matters. I will say use to when I fixed a meal and had meat, for example a nice ribeye there was never any left, now we have ate on that same piece of steak for 3 days so i spent 12.00 for two steaks and we are ready to eat number 4 meal, how odd, he said he knows when to quit so i am glad there. For a man that never really saw doctors or did anything he is quite ready to see them now. Yes having chemo was the right decision to have before surgery and we knew that, so now the surgery is over with and we see the onocologist next week to see where we go from here, Of course we have to get healed up first.

I am so glad I can officially say we are survivors, there for awhile I didn't know if we were going to be or not.

Yes, I am trying to be a adovocate on this site, to help others as they did me, or what to expect before during and after surgery, I never thought I would make it this far, but as you and Loretta know "MY BIG GIRL PANTIES" AND MOE'S SHOES"
is why i am where i am today. I did let the ones know they are welcome to them but they are buried for now.

I am so glad Loretta's mom is coming back to life, I am like you with my parents gone, I really look up to Jeff's parents now especially his mother. By the way she is doing fine, and ask about you all the time.

We definately need to keep "KITTEN" in our prayers, she starts chemo on this coming friday, so she has now began another bump in the road, but she is strong woman and so is Patrick her husband so I know she will fight this nasty disease we call CANCER.

If there is anyone on this site that needs advice I will try to do the best I can I am sure William will let you know how far I have come in just a month.

Take care BIll


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I think of you as i thaught of John our company medic He was an objector never carried a gun Was an Amish man from Penn. Always new the right thing to say I remember givin last rights and also comfort like you know how to do very well Have to thank you and EVERYBODY here who has listened to me cry And the help i reciever from you ALL when i needed it Will keep all posted The reason for the recliner is that the doctor told Linda she wouldhave to sleep inclined because of the surgery something about the acid can cause problems if they lay flat

Abe AKA Runabe

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that is true, my husband is doing the same thing.

Lori aka moe

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I a so happy for you and Linda!!! What great news!


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Hi Abe,

I can't believe that Linda has already had her surgery and is home. This is excellent.
I bet your on cloud 9.

As for Al my husband 2 more chemo treatments & a PET SCAN and hopefully our turn for surgery

Life is good.

Please keep us posted on her recovery.

Keep in touch.

God Bless


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