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Questions about my mom

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My Mom may have uterine cancer according to her Ct scan of her abdomen. She is having a hysterectomy on 8/26 with biopsies, it will be done by a gynecologic oncologist. She said she is shocked by this tentative diagnosis. She has been working full time as a nurse up until 2 weeks ago when she landed in the ICU for a blood infection (sepsis). She recovered well from that and looks well. She is cooking and doing light housework. The gyn-onc said she has a large mass in her uterus and some small spots outside the uterus according to the cat scan. What is the chance that she could have advanced uterine cancer and feel fine? She complains of being tired, but she was just discharged less than a week ago from the hospital. She had around a 40 lb weight loss which seemed to of leveled off since last summer. I am just afraid of what the biopsy will show. She is to have a ct of her chest tuesday to rule out lung nodules so they can do the hysterectomy. The doc said if she does have them they will have to shrink those first before the hysterectomy, which I don't understand. Wouldn't my Mom be in worse shape if she had advanced cancer? I just am sick with worry. I keep trying to find positive aspects to focus on. The said her tumor markers were fine, by the way. She said she has no other symptoms, such as bowel or bladder problems. Good Luck to everyone dealing with this. It truly stinks.


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I wish her well with her upcoming tests and surgery. I hate to tell you that I Have Stage III-C UPSC and had no symptoms at all. I had a PAP test that showed abnormal cells. When I had the hysterectomy and they did the staging is when I found out it had spread into some of the lymph nodes and I also had metastatic cells in the abdominal washing. I had no spotting, no pain, no tiredness, no symptoms at all. I was shocked with the advancement of the disease. But I have completed all of the chemo and radiation treatments and am hoping for good results of the upcoming CAT scan. Keep a positive attitude and take it a day at a time. When the staging is done during the surgery, you will know what you are dealing with. Good luck to you and your Mom.

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Hi Leaane:

I'm having my surgery on Aug 26th. Like Ro10 I felt fine. I went for my yearly physical and complained about the peri-menopause-symptoms that I've had the last few months. My main problem was migraines every month but that actually has nothing to do with the cancer. The PAP came back with abnormal cells and the doctor was just as surprised as me. I do get tired but that's about it.

At this time, I don't know what stage I'm in but the path report from my D&C (which could not be completed) showed Grade 3 cells. Grade 3 cells are the aggressive cells some I'm praying that I'm not further than stage 1. Regardless I will probably need chemo and radiation.

Also, I was also a caretaker for my Mom. She is in remission from breast cancer. So far it's been 7 years and she's doing great. As for me now that I have been on both sides it's harder to be the caretaker than the patient. As a caretaker you feel so helpless. We did a wig party prior to her losing her hair and me and my sister took her to her treatments. The worst was going everyday for her radiation. She now gets B-12 shots on a regular basis but other than that she has no problems due to her chemo and radiation.

I now joke with my Mom and tell her that it's her turn to take care of me. She's been great on giving advise as far as what to expect if I have chemo and radiation. When she was going for treatment we thought it would never end but now we look back and say "How did we do that?" But through the grace of God you do make it through and grow stronger

Take care of yourself in all of this. It's important as the caretaker to maintain your physical, emotional and spiritual health. We were fortunate because it wasn't just myself but also my sister as caretakers.

My hopes and prayers are with you and your Mom.


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Hi Susie,
Thanks for your reply. It's good to hear from someone who has gone through something so tough like this. My husband and my Dad have no idea what to tell me to make me feel better. I know I have to be positive. I am positive around my Mom. It's when I am just with my husband I fall apart. I have a 21 month old son, and it's really tough. I am so preoccupied with being worried about my Mom, because we are soo close and always have been, that I feel like he is missing out on time with me. But, my Mom needs me right now. What a bummer your Mom was sick and now you are going through this. Good Luck to you both, and a successful surgery for you on the 26th with a quick recovery.

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Thanks for the reply. Good luck to you to on your upcoming cat scan. When were you diagnosed? I can't imagine my Mom having to endure chemo and radiation. But, if that's what is needed, she said she will. She said she worries about me more than herself. It's tough going through this. I have a 21 month old, and it's just plain hard. All of this came on all of a sudden 2 weeks ago. I am just praying that my Mom's Cat scan of her lungs tomorrow goes well. The surgeon said that has to be fine in order to go ahead with the hysterectomy. I will feel like we have some hope as long as her lungs look good. Best of luck to you.

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