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lymph nodes were removed...when does lymphodemia come if it come? did u get lymphidemia during radiation

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hi this is maryellen...

my surgeon did hysterectomy 6/24 buit never bither to check lymph nodes..he claims he did noit think i had cancer..jerk..*******..i hate him

anyway 8/6 2nd surgery..dissection not possible cause that is done when tumor is in body..since ******* removed tumor i had to have complete nodes removal...

man i was so sick..they used davinci and used the same 5 holes...bit i was so sick

doctor decided to look into bladder after surgery...and the put in catherer..but he nvere order pyridium for pain..i woke up i wanted to jump out a window and to top it off some body in recovery cleaned my bottom with iodine i am allergic to to it..12 hours of nitemare pain i still tear up thinking about it...

i was very nauseaus ..2nd operation was horrible now i know why surgeries are not done back to back unless needed...

i had no choice..there is on;y 12 percent chance of cancer in nodes will knwo this week...

if there is i need rad. and chemo

i am scared i just saw a pic of lymphademia o my gosh...

my thoughts today is i am better off dead...i know i ma depressed..tell me something hopeful

i am so scared and so pissed at doctor#1..chielf surgeon at univ of Penn hospital
i hope he did not go golfing after my procedure..

my email is maryln3@aol.com

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Almost everyone posting here had their lymph nodes out during their hysterectomy, although a few had the lymph nodes removed during a second surgery as you did, (usually 2 surgeries was because cancer was not suspected at the time of their hysterectomies.) I don't know of anyone who has full-blown lymphodema that posts here, of the 50 or 60 women with uterine cancer. So please don't fear lymphodema; it's pretty rare. I had 25 lymph nodes removed with my surgery. I'm done with chemo and radiation and I feel fabulous! All of the treatment is survivable. Please do not dispair! BIG HUG.

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thank you i knew u gals would tell me someting good..

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I am new to this group but i did read so many of these threads, and noticed how positive you are and
so willing to help up-lift those who are angry and scared. It helps so much to have someone there
to listen to your thread.


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I had 21 lymph nodes removed, of which 5 were positive. I had no problems with lymphedema. I think it can occur more in the arms than the legs. People who have breast cancer have more problems with lympedema. It can be frightening, but I think it is rare for the legs.

Sorry to hear you have been through so much. Hope you begin to feel better soon. Take it a day a time and wishing you brighter days ahead. In peace and caring. HUGS to you.

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i feel like i been trough alot and i have not even been told if i need chemo and radiation

i do know that with this link you ladies will help me through my fears


i am so nauseous from the procedure thurs..cannot wait till the anestisia is out of me

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