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Well, I would like to share my final story from the hospital, we passed our swallowing test today, we had the NG tube about 3 pm today, and we are now eating our first foods, it is only soup and tea but it is a start. He is thrilled he said it taste like "GOLD" he is doing so good. We will still have the feeding tube and go home with it but thats okay, we can handle that. He took his first medicine by mouth and now food, so we are making progress. I "WORE MY SHOES OUT" AND PACKED AWAY MY BIG GIRLS PANTIES" but thats okay I will keep it that way. I will share those with anyone that wants them. Would I walk those shoes again you bet!!! It wasn't an easy road, we saw HEAVEN, but GOD and the angels sent him back, his work on earth wasn't done. I about lost my husband and I learned alot of how esophogeal cancer works. I was so scared I never left the hospital, only twice did i leave, i have slept by his side, i did things i thought i would never do things i did for my husband, I gues when you take them for better or for worse in sickness and in health, you take it all.

To all the ones, that is deciding to have the surgery its a tough tough surgery but you have to have faith and you have to trust your doctors, you have to have the faith in your doctors, and know you trust them to accept the what they tell you.

I will be glad to help any one on this with questions they might have on this type of surgery.

To William Marshall, and KITTEN how would I have gotten through these steps, days and nights without you, to William, thanks for always uplifiting me when I just didn't think I could handle anymore, or when I thought he was going to go to heaven, you were always there for me, Kitten, thanks for your support and help when I just knew I couldn't do it, and you just kept telling me i would get through thiss.

Take care everyone I think I am finally signing off as a caregiver, and now we are going to be a survivor.

Lori aka MOE

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Very glad to hear that Linda is going to go through that very soon Hope she has good progress
Surgery is Monday 9 am will let you know how things are going


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God has blessed you and Jeff

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I am so happy for you. I am happy that I was able to give you some words of encouragement throughout this small bump in the road. How great it is that he is well on his way to a full recovery. He's right, the first bites of food do taste like gold! :0) After all of this is said and done, you guys should take a nice little vacation somewhere, even if it's not far away it's nice to get away for a couple of days. Again, I cannot say it enough, I am SO HAPPY for you guys!!! So wonderful!!!! Talk to you soon!!!!


"Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain." Lori, you have definitely danced in the rain!!!

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Hi lori,

Thanks for the great news!!!! As you know I've been keeping a watch on how Jeff is doing
He has come a long way. ThingS are really looking up for you guys and I wish only the best of you and your family as the days and months go on.

As you know I will be needing to borrow those shoes so I hope that they're not to worn out
or you get to buy me new pair.

I pray to GOD daily to be able to ware those shoes. Al's alittle tired from the new chemo treatment but I'll take it. The Dr's say things are working and we have a lot of hope that
there will be no mets.

So keep the shoes for me or buy me a new pair I would be happy to walk in them when the time comes.



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Betty in Vegas
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I believe she did say congratulations. I think she just has hurt feelings over her "welcome" here, which was pretty short and scary... She was looking for compassion and she got basically the worst news, the worst prognosis, and I think it terrified her. I don't think anyone meant to do that, but ...well, statistics aren't everything.

I think she's just a sweet lady with cancer, new to the news, in shock, who needs just some compassion herself--and she just was hoping to remind everyone how nice it is to hear sweet words INSTEAD of rude ones. Which, by the way, she didn't type...she just said she COULD...

I know it comes off hurtful, but from what I saw from all the posts, there has been hurt given by both sides. Perhaps, since we all know life is too short for such things, we should all try to build a bridge and calm the waters.

Betty Johnson
Husband DX April 09

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Hi Lori,
I haven't written to you before but have been following your postings and knowing what a bad time you two have been going through..It's so good to see that he's out of the woods and making great progress. We, and it's interesting how we use the word "we" when we talk about our spouse, had lots of setbacks, but they seem minor compared to yours. Have you got a discharge date yet? My husband just passed the 3 month post-op date. He's back on chemo which was the plan from the beginning..First CAT scan came back negative. He too came home with the j-tube and was so happy to get rid of it. He's lost 25 pounds and we're trying to stop it there. Not an easy task as he really doesn't feel like eating, but keeps trying. Anyway, I don't mean to be telling you about us...I really meant to just say Good Luck to both of you and hope Jeff continues to make great progress. One more thing...I really admire your spunk. I think I could use some of that! Pat

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Well, Mary thanks so much I am glad I could be of help to you, yes we have been through hell and back but we made it, please read my newest post and that will explain it all. I am glad yours were minor compared to mine. He came home with the j-tube but we don't have to use it unless he doesn't eat. we will see so far so good

I only have the spunk because of 2 special people on this site, KITTEN< and BILL MARSHALL, if it wasn't for them I probably couldn't have walked that lonnnnnng hard road. Kitten was an inspiration to me because she had the same exact surgery my husband did so she was able to keep telling me what to expect, and then william prepared me for all the tubes.

I got the "SHOES" saying from when my parents were alive I walked alot of roads with those "SHOES" and then when my mother developed ALZEHEIMERS i had to get the "BIG GIRL PANTIES" out and wear them, so that is where I got my spunk alot.

Like I said you have to laugh to not cry and that I did.

My favorite saying is and of course I took this from KITTEN is " LIFE ISN'T ABOUT WAITING FOR A STORM TO PASS ITS ABOUT LEARING TO DANCE IN THE RAIN"

i Certainly have danced in the rain.

Take care
Lori aka moe

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