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I got a call this morning about 8:30 a.m. from the hospital telling me that Jeff's ventilator had been turned off and the tubes taken out and was asking for his 'WIFE" I immediately got dressed and not drive but ran to the hospital, it had been 12 days that I had got to talk to him, when I walked in, he cried I cried we kissed we hugged and even though he didn't know the day and was still somewhat not making since I didn't care, GOD answered my prayers, and I wanted to talk he could only talk in a whisper but i didn't care, if he asked me once he asked me a thousand times to cover him up, turn on the tv, get the nurse, get this get that but you know what I didn't care, i was there I did it all, as I said from the beginning when you see your husband lay there with 14 tubes hanging, cant breath, scared from the beginning wheather he would pull through you would do anything, when I walked in and he was sitting up an only had about 6 tubes i knew a miracle had happened OUR GOD upstairs brought him back to me, I had to leave at 6 pm tonight only because at that time they won't let family in there until shift changes, and we live on 7 acres and had to feed animals.

When I kissed him bye, and he cried it was exceptionally hard to leave him, but if they call and tell me to come back I will.

What this man has went through, I count my many blessings everyday, and not only that the pathology report read that his path was excellent, what more could i ask for today.

Well our journey is still a ways to go but my husband and I are doing so much better.

Would I go through this again YOU BET!!! Anything to keep my husband near.


Don M
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Am glad he is feeling better. Will not be much longer and he will be up walking around getting back to somewhat normal. Your prayers have been answered. Give him praise.

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So happy to read your post. Glad to see your prayers are being answered.

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hopefully yours will be answered too hang in there hope you get to walk MOE"S shoes someday i am here if you need help

take care

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Sorry Bill don't have a patent on those, if I did I would be rich ha ha Thanks Bill, you made my day thanks for the nice info.


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VERY GOOD TO HEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope hubby can be home soon

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moment to moment
we hold our breath
hour to hour
we test our strength
day by day
we challenge our courage
in that presence of grace
we shine!
NGU!...love, light and Hope.....
blessing to all

terry : )

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I just got home from Sturgis and had to check how Jeff was doing...I am so happy for you guys!!! Hooray!!! All your prayers are being answered, how wonderful!


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