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secondary bone cancer - help please

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Hi Guys,

Well my dad has just gone through 5 cycles of chemo and 5 weeks of radiation. He did so well through this period and never showed too many side effects. He was told that the tumor in his lung has shrunk considerably and the coughing had stopped. He also ate well through this period (Thanks to my mum and put on weight)

Just the other day we had a set back where they found a spot in a scan near his spine. It was confirmed today that cancer had spread to the spine and ribs (spots). So basically it means its now in his bones.

My brother spoke with the chemo doc and basically said that they wre going to do 2 more rounds of chemo and if this does not work then it looks bleak.

Is there anyone that has similar experiences either directly or indirectly. I am doing my best to be positive but I must admit today I feel sick in the stomach.

Has anyone tried supplements such as zeolite? Your thoughts please

Thanks guys

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I just wanted to let you know that you are not alone. My husband had prostate cancer and after his surgery, they found that he had Mastasized bone cancer and several spots in his chest plus a spot in his gland under his right arm! He had not taken chemo but he did take some radiation in his left hip to help with the pain! He has been taking Lupron shots for the past year which is a female estrogen shot which is suppose to make the cancer dormant in a man. It worked well for several months but all of a sudden my husbands PSA tripled! He has been in so much pain it he couldn't even lay down in bed to sleep! They have recently started him on a clinical trial program with Patupilone (EPO906) plus prednisone! After only one treatment, he seems to be getting better! He is showing a significant reduction in his pain and is actually eating better! Most nights now he sleeps in the bed and truly sleeps well! I do not know if this is going to be our "miracle" that we have been praying for diligently, but it certainly seems to be making a good start! We are so happy that he is showing so much progress so quickly, but we will continue to pray that this medicine does do away with this horrible disease!

How is your father doing now? I do not know if he would be acceptable in this program that my husband is in, but it couldn't hurt to check it out! Our paperwork says that it is for patients with metastatic hormone refractory prostate cancer which is what my husband has. But please fill your Mom & Dad in on this program and have them to check it out! It just might work for him also! Bye for now! I look forward to hearing from you to see what your father decides to do and how he is doing. By for now, write soon! Brenda

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HI Brenda,
Your husband is a lucky man to have someone like you care for him. I wish you all the best and I have a good feeling that things will work out for you both.

My Dad started his treatment this week, one day of chemo as an out patient and the next 2 days at home via chemo tablets.
Thank you so much for replying to my comments and I will inform my mum and dad to always push their doctors for answers and to never give up.

I will keep you posted on how things are going, btw he had a brain scan yesterday, we will know more soon.

Surprisingly my dad has been awesome about this whole thing and my mum on that matter. He walks around like it is no big deal...amazing courage.

stay in touch




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Thank you Tartos for the compliment, but I feel that I am the lucky one to have my husband who is such a wonderful, loving person! I have not had much of that in my life in the past! I am praying that God will heal him so we can spend many more years together! We were married only 4 months when he found out that he had the Prostate Cancer!

And I wish you could have seen the look on his Doctors face when he saw how much John's numbers had changed after only one treatment! His PSAe went down over 200 pts and that just does not happen to someone with stage 4 cancer and the doctor said that he had never seen that happen before!!!! My husband is showing real signs of improvement! He can walk better, but gets tired really fast, and he has lost so much weight! His appetite has increased somewhat but he is still nauseated quite often and cannot always keep the food down when he does get it to go down. It is really a work of love trying to get him to eat and to keep it down! But we are praying for intervention from God to make him better! Every step of improvement is a reason for celebration!

I do hope that your father has shown some improvement! Please keep me informed! We will keep him in our prayers as well! Did they decide to check into the clinical trials? I certainly hope that they will give that a shot! It has been like a miracle drug for my husband!

Bye for now! I will look forward to your positive update on your father!

Look forward to hearing from you soon!


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