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Abnormal Pap with High risk of Cervical Cancer

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Hi everyone. I'm 25 years old and may have cerival cancer. I went to my doctor on Wednesday to get the results of my pap. I knew something was up because she usually tells me over the phone. We sit down and she pulls out her diagram to show me what my cells look like versus normal cells. She then goes on to tell me I have HPV, in the high risk category and that I may have cervical cancer. I was shocked!

However, some of the things my body has been doing started to make sense. I have been having a lot of joint pains and aches and an abnormal discharge.

I go to get a colonsopy (I think that's how you spell it) on Tuesday. I'm wondering... What are some of the symptoms that you all had leading up to and during your cervical cancer? Also, how long does it usually take after the procedure to find out what stage of cancer you have?

Thank you for all your help with this. I'm very scared and it's hard to talk to my family and loved ones about it when they really have no idea what I'm going through.

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Hello Teaching,
The only sypmtoms of my cervical ca were intermittent episodes of bleeding and bleeding during/after intercourse. It was only light at first and I didn't think anything about it, because I was going through menopause and my last pap was clean. At my yearly pap it was discovered. A week later I had a biopsy and met with the doctor a week later for the results. My regular MD pushed everything through for me very quickly...hope yours does too.

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Hi I am a mother and grandmother. I am a survivor of cervical cancer from 2006. Now I find myself with Metastic Cervical cancer and am looking for some hope and support. I find it more difficult to get a handle on this this time around. I have already been hospitalized twice do to a parasite and last C-diff. I am trying to be the positive person my family believes me to be but am not doing very well at it. On top of all this my daughter is getting married July 25th and I don't have the strenght to be there 100%. I know that as a Christian God is in control but boy do I feel out of control.

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Hi There I just started trying to find some sort of support my self and I hope that all goes well with you. I was dignosed in 2006 and thought I was going through menopause.I had bleeding that would not stop and was told I had cancer right after I had a hystarectamy(spelled wrong) My Dr told me which stage right after my surgery. As far as having a colonoscpy that was afairly easy precedure. Hang in there keep God in the front and I know He will see you through

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