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Diet/supplements that may help prevent recurrence/metastases

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I have stage T3b prostate cancer. Had an RP, the borders are not clear, and the cancer had spread to the seminal vesicles. Two follow up PSA's at 6 weeks and 10 weeks were 0.2. My uro is following me closely.
I am trying to delay or prevent having radiation/hormone therapy. Any advice on diets to follow?
Anyone familiar with the Dean Ornish or Zone anti-inflammatory diet?
Any advice on herbs/supplements?
I can not drink caffiene, and am unsure if decaf green tea is helpful or process of decaffienating makes it something I should avoid.

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Hi gmen, There are 2 ways caffine is removed from tea - 1st is a chemical process & 2nd is a water process in which tea is steamed and no chemicals are used. You may find them at you local health food store or on line @ www.vitanetonline.com (Long Life Green tea/organic/decaf) and www.bodyofmin.com. I'm sure there are many more web sources but this is a start.. Good luck with your dietary endeavours.

hopeful and opt...
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Hre is some dietary information.

I remember reading that Dean Ornish observed a 4 percent reduction in PSA after one year when patient followed his plan. veggie, stress release activities. ( four percent , to me, is not very significant).

other diet,

eat more soy and tofu, drink pomogranate juice, tomato products, tumeric, A, C, and e foods. Eliminate meats, milk and farm raised fish products. take a multiple vitamin, D3, say 1,000 depending on your level after a blood test, selinum 200mg(with yeast).

I don't know anything about hormomes, but I've heard that some docs are prescibing Avodart.


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