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I hadn't seen you post any updates lately on here or the colon board, I was just curious as to how your treatments are going for you?? I hope they're going well and you've been able to go to work, I know that's what you were striving for!! I have my follow up CT scan next week to see how everything looks, if all looks ok I'll get my port taken out next Friday. Keep your fingers crossed!!


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Hello Cathy,

You may also want to contact Fernando via the CSN e-mail. He might be checking his CSN e-mail.

Be well,
Your CSN Staff

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Fernando H
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I've not even logged in for weeks. I so happy to read your update and see that your CT scan proved positive and your port was removed!

Well, for me, the end of week 2 of treatment (max dose of radiation to rectum only plus "big guns" on chemo regime was rather symptomatic. Fatigue, diarrhea, blotches on my face and head (easy to see when you are follicaly challenged as I am), acne-like rash on back, buttocks and upper thigh rear. So much so that week 3 of chemo treatment was suspended for my body to recover, although radiation has continued.

On week 4, chemo was slowly reintroduced. The pump with 5FU was reconnected, but I did not get the Oxaliplatin (for esophageal ca).

Week 5 (final week) started last night and those "big guns" are ablazin' for the final stretch of treatment. They've added back the Oxaliplatin for this last week.

Rectal Radiation ends on Tuesday the 16th and the chemo pump will be disconnected on Wednesday the 17th late at night.

Unfortunately, I've not been able to work as much as I thought. Fatigue, diarrhea, many follow-up doctor visits and drowsiness from pain meds (good stuff: oxycodon 5mg for quick fixes, and oxycontin (Rush Limbaugh's fave) 10mg 12 hour time release) have rendered me to be less effective for any complicated analysis of financial statements.

Fortunately, work has been supportive, although I am only able to produce in my most lucid moments.

I've got post neoadjuvant therapy followup with the colo-rectal surgeon at the end of June and with the medical oncologist in mid July (4 weeks after end of therapy) for restaging prior to the first surgery (rectal resection). The esophageal resection will be after recovery from rectal surgery. Still have some important decisions to make on surgical approaches.

Not baby-stepping, more like Big Foot stepping my way through this. I am confident everything is going as well as possible.

Thanks for asking.

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I am happy things are going well for you, as well as could be expected anyhow. When I was on Oxiplatin, I also had some side effects...throughout chemo I was also quite nauseaus with diahrreah, oh the joys. If you are not on here before surgery and such, I wish you the best of luck!!


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