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Barretts esophagus , " removal"

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Don't know if I fit in this discussion board , but must talk to someone ,as I'm worried about my up and coming future.
Starting from the begaining 15 or so years ago I was told that I had Barretts Esophagus and that I would have to get checked every couple years ,which I did for 12 years , then because of having lot of acid reflex , I had the Barretts test done once a year , The last one being dec.2008 , the Doctors did'nt like what they seen , in doing a biopsy my esophagus showed pre- cancer or dysplastic changes , so the EGD was repeated in Feb. 2009 , after that test I was sent to Allegeny hospital in Pittsburgh Pa , which is near me , "an hour drive " there they removed two nodules , which resulted in me being sent to a Surgeon , he then set me up for a PET scan ,a stress test , the stress test is fine , as for the pet scan there was "NO" visable signs of cancer anywhere in my body , or my esophagus ????????
but this Surgeon said that he did'nt know what was lurking behind my abrasions or whatever he called them , and his opinion was that I let him remove my esophagus to be sure there was no cancer "at this point I was pretty upset and just wanted to get out of there "
so I did'nt understand everything he said except that he wanted to operate as soon as possible !!! needless to say Im pretty shook up !! I know I'm rambling on , and missing some points , "sorry"

Now what may turn into good news <<>> I started researching in the internet , seen a guy that had a simalar operation done " Eric Greene" from Atlanta Georgia ,I e-mailed him and he e-mailed me back saying that I should get a second opinion , and gave me a Doctors name in Pittsburgh , That Name being Dr. James D. Luketich , I put that Doctors name aside for couple days , then on this site seen the name of William Marshall , "a survivor" He had his surgery done by the same "James D. Luketich" and he is from Vir. Beach, Vir. I have read his articles and posts over 50 times , what a great story and outcome, " 6 year Survivor" maybe longer now !!! Seeing and reading that I called Doctor Luketich , Great news , He will see me in 5 days , May 21st. I will then be 71, I know I rambled on , but hope to hear from others , I will answer all , and keep everyone posted on how things are going ,

In the meantime I wish you all the very best , my prayers are for and with you all .
Thanks Lee Goodsam13@hotmail.com

Blue Bayou
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Lee.. i have the same thing.
very curious how you are doing?
Ralph, Houston, TX

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please read your post i just answered you.

Lori aka moe

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