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Radiation level? question?

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Hello everyone .Was out for some weeks and back hopping all doing well.
Got today my last f/l with my rad where he is checking for complete closing of my surgery cavery, just have a 2mm little hole to fill and hpe to start my rad in May 12.
I have a question regarding the rad level,,,my rad told me that he will use 70g?? anyone knows what they mean, how strong it is is anyone had the same strengh done?.
Thanks, Roxie

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Sounds like you are making good progress and have a lot of this behind you. Treatment plans and dosages vary. I had 70 Gy and believe this to be common. Other thoughts: consider a PEG tube, it can help keep you properly nourished; stay hydrated even if you don't feel like drinking; if you take pain medication watch out for constipation; talk to the rad. doc about ways to maximize your saliva; eat like a pig now, it could be harder later; and baby yourself,
a walk in the park this isn't but do-able it is. From time to time let us know how you're doing. I wish you and the rest of the head and neck bunch good health. Rich

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Thanks Rich for your info ,it was very helpful specially for me that is the first and hope the last to be dx with cancer.My cancer level was low ,not spreaded and it was localize in one small bean type form on my lt posterior soft palate, i have removed in March 4th and still waiting for a little tinny hole to be cover ,so far no pain and no complications TG, and the cancer was removed all acording to the frozzen pathology that was there.
I just went yesterday to my rad doc ,he clear to me one more time that i don't need a peg TG,as i posted before he got all planned and ready for May 12 35 tx 3 minutes x5 weekly total of 7 weeks 70gy, he also asure that all is planned to direct the rad into the surgical cavery such is olmost full of tissues now ,no glands will be affected and the sores or burns will be localized in that area ,maybe some in my lip sides he said but nothing in my throat T.G.
Well, i will keep all posted after the 12 of May ,i may experience the sores 3 weeks after he start he said ??? OMG !!! I BEEN EATING LIKE A PIG ,LOL, never see myself with this weight?? i can easy lose 50 pounds and i will be Marilyn Monroe ,,LOL.
Thanks Rich,,have a good day or nite.

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One more thought: talk to rad doc if you have not already, about burn protection. My wife, a nurse, advised Biafene for me, others have used and recommend highly natural aloe; still others suggest something called aquaphor. I just know that the first mentioned worked very well for me.

It is important that which ever you choose, it NOT BE petroleum-based, as these tend to absorb into skin and can actually worsen things. Do talk to rad doc before using.

I applied it daily after every session, made it the first thing I did after each session, and got away with minimal burn affect compared to others who went through the exact same 35 sessions (I did 33 of them).

Take care,


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Wow, thanks Joe for the burns meds advise. For sure i will talk to my rad doc about that since he told me that i will get some sores for sure, but only in the area were they removed the little tumor that now is olmost full T.G, he let me wait till May 11 and he is very positive that i will be ready to start, just have a little tinny mild hole in the soft palate center ,,,no pain all is heal but he wants every little thing cover up and i am agree since i got all the bad stuff out .
He told me that it will be not till the 3rd week maybe that i experience the burns sores and he will help me to diminished the disconfort ,,.
Thanks Joe ,i can't wait ,,,i want to get over with this.

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