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would it be to offensive to start a place for some of the humorous things that have happened during out treatments. where i was at they actually had a humor class that my wife (caregiver) went to. as my luck went i was in for treatments during that class.

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Tonybear. Please feel free to add a humor section. We have done it a couple times in the past and its not offensive. Laughing at ourselves is better then adding frustration to our pile of problems. Slickwilly

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i was in the hospital for 2 months plus a few days. at some point early on i knew i had to laugh or cry. the lapel ribbon pin for prostate cancer is blue. i saw other colors for other cancers, so i decided to wear mine near the affected area. i worn a long tee shirt and put the pin on my zipper. i walked up to one of the nurses stations and told her i had a new medical device and i wanted to be sure i was wearing it right. i pulled up my shirt and the nurse lost it. then my wife insisted on pulling the joke on other staff people just for the laughs and shock value. it always got laughs. by the way, we found online the symbol for prostate cancer is a walnut. that was a laugh by itself. tony

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Thank you Tony I needed the laugh today. A day without laughter is a day without sunshine. Prayers and Hugs HAPPY EASTER TO All Have a good weekend.

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Tony, that was quite clever of you and quite funny! I see humor and a must during our cancer battle, it has certainly has made my battles easier to bear. Nothing like a good like to remind us we are still alive! Thanks for sharing!


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Hey Tony, I think it's a great idea to have a humour section. Like Slick said we have had that up a couple of times but with so many contributions on this site sometimes old headings get lost and it's great to bring the good topics up to the surface now and then.

Love the ribbon idea, especially being as graphic with the location, hahahahaha, too funny.

Personally I don't think I would have survived without humour all the years since diagnosis - it made so much of what I was going through so much easier to take. I had a friend who went through serious skin cancer treatments not long after my situation arose and we used to get together for meals at restaurants and make other people crazy with our medical jokes and scenarios. To us it was truly funny but on reflection I think that what was common place to us after going through it must have been gross to others - oh well, too bad. lol. I remember one time I was in a cancer ward and shared the room with another woman and we got laughing about this and that procedure and doctor or nurse so loudly that the nurses thought there was a party going on in our room - it sure made us feel good in dealing with our separate illnesses I can tell you that.

When I was in Toronto for consults with a super radiologist who specialized on my type of cancer once, this was like 18 years ago, I stayed in the cancer lodge there for out of town patients (near the hospital) and they actually had a Humour Room. In the room all the material - videos, magazines, books and tapes were all humour based, a sign that humour is truly recognized as therapuetic even by the medical community itself - big time.

Thanks for bringing this topic back up to the surface kiddo, we need a good laugh once in awhile for sure. Blessings, Blueroses.

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one of my treatments was called brachy therapy, a type of radiation. they said it had the pronunciation as breaky. i was talking to one of the receptionest about my therapy and spouted off. you brachy you fixy. from there she called around and before i knew it i walked into the radiation room and i saw the look and knew something was up. then those words were repeated to me. you breaky you fixy? i had been caught with my own words.

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at the 5 week mark the cancer center gives a free round trip ticket to fly where ever and back. i wanted to go the beach and come back. my wife decided to go home for a week and see what was left of the business and the house. we dropped her off at the airport and the driver and i headed back to the hospital. i realized that i had her cell phone in my pocket so we turned back around. i went to the desk by security and told the desk lady the problem and she got on the pa and called my wife by name and told her not to board the airplane. what i didn't know was she had been stopped because the sniffing machines had smelled bomb making materials in her c pack. they had cleaned the sniffer machine and it went off again so she was pulled aside for the search of the c pack, carry ons and her person. it was during the search that i happened to have the nice woman announce for her not to board the airplane. she said later i either had to laugh or start crying. so i started laughing, while being searched. as it turned out i had been taking magnisium and the c pack machine had absorbed enough to set the sniffer machine off. or that was her story.

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