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8 years out

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I am eight years out from a having my right kidney removed due to a maliginat tumor of 5cm in size. I went to all of my follow up treatments and all that showed up was a cyst on left kidney and was told that was normal. My cancer was found due to my gastrologist performing an ultra sound. He handed me a prescription for nexium and told me to get to an uroligist. To this day the scare is still numb. Any way I have bad cramps and charley horses in the muscle's on the side the kidney was removed. I am up to 2 Nexium a day and sometimes 3, I have gained a little weight back about twenty lbs since the cancer in 2001. I am very active at work and sometimes it is even very strainious. I also have a large knot below my center rib cage that is very tender to touch. Doctors have said this is normal. I haven't been back in for a check up in two years other than upper and lower GI's and sick a couple times. I guess my question is has anyone had any of these problems years after having the complete kidney removed. Should I go back to uroligist and tell them to do MRI or CT scans. I still have the ultrasound film of left kidney cyst, maybe I should get another ultrasound also? Any thoughts.

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Hi Jls1557,

Yes, you should be getting follow up scans at least every year, and you should see a uroligist to check kidney function. Kidney cancer is sneaky, and some times returns.
I don't know if you saw a doctor that speacilizes in kc, but that is always a good idea.

Getting a cancer dx is always scary, and I don't think the shock ever leaves, I have stage 4 renal cell carcinoma and I am papillary type 2. I found out in august of 08, my prognosis is very poor as it has spread to all of my lymph nodes and liver, I also have it in my lungs. I don't want to scare you, but please go and get checked, maybe what you are expierencing is nothing, but you wont know till you get a ct or mri. So please get checked. Because the earlier it is found the better the outcome, I wish I could have found out earlier. Please keep me posted.


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