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follicular thyroid cancer- lymph node showing in neck ultrasound post bilateral thyroidectemy in 2005

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My doctor called about my yearly ultrasound yesterday and said he could see lymph nodes on my scan and made an apt for me with a endocrinologist. The ultrasound tech told me at the time that if I had any kind of infection it would show. I had a sinus infection at the time. The doctor did not mention the likelihood of a the two being related. I was wondering if anyone else has been there.

My choices are to have the ultrasound again and see if there is a difference or go off my synthoid for six weeks and have another I131 uptake scan. I have two small children and I am the primary caregiver. While I do not look forward to the prospect of being "down" for six weeks, I understand the diagnostic necessity. I had planned on this test for the summer when my husband is here to help.

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