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New Diagnosis

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My mother was dx in Nov. 07 with colon cancer and is currently in treatment so I'm usually on the colon cancer thread, not this one but sad to say I'll be here too now. While having a pet scan, her thryoid lit up. A biopsy confirmed that she has papillary thyroid cancer. She does not know yet and will find out on the 6th.

I'm hoping that it is encapsulated and can be removed.

Can any of you give me any information about how long of a recovery it is for a complete thyroidectomy? how do you do with thyroid meds? Any side effects? Further, an advice you can give me?

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Sorry to hear that your mom now has to deal with thyroid cancer now along with colon. As far as the thyroid cancer goes it can be an easy fix if it has not spread. I also had papillary, was diagnosed in Oct.07 with it. I just returned to work a week before Christmas. It shouldn't take your mom too long to recovery from the surgery, mine was done in 2 surgeries and took me about a month so I'd say maybe give your mom 1/2 the time. As far as replacement meds, so far I have not had any side effects, it can take awhile for the right dose to be aadjusted, blood testing will be done to check TSH levels. As far as any further treatment after the surgery it may be different for your mom because of the colon cancer but I went in for a radioactive iodine treatment, which is a pill taken and depending on where you live either you stay in the hospital until the radiation is low enough to be out in public or some get sent home the same day and need to be in isolation.Papillary thyroid cancer is one of the most curable cancers, so try not to worry about is too much.
Hang in there and both you and you mom take care.

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thank you for your response. I am really trying not to worry about this. I know that my mom will be a bit devastated on tuesday when she finds out but hopefully with enough information and positive ct results (total encapsulation) she can be confident that it can be taken care of quickly.

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