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Chemo treatment with Avastin, Taxol and Carboplatin

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I'm being treated with Avatin, Taxol and Carboplatin for non-small cell lung cancer. Has anyone else undergone this treatment and, if so, how are you faring?

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1931, I had a lobectomy on Jan 31 of this year (2008), and subsequently was treated with carboplatin and taxol. A lot of people on this site who have had these treatments warned me that I would be sick, but I must honestly say that while I experienced mild discomfort, it was nothing like the effects I had from a previous treatment with cisplatin. In other words, for me they were 'doable'.

Now, you should be advised, as is obvious from the above, that everyone handles it differently. In fact, while I was receiving mine one day, I watched the guy a couple of chairs down nearly lose it: they discovered he was allergic to carboplatin some three or four sessions into his treatment. Also be aware that your dosage and number of treatments may very well be different. Finally, I also did not have avastin as part of my 'diet'.

In any event, I am happy to say that, a non-small cell cancer (squamous) survivor myself, I received results of my latest CAT scan yesterday and am cancer-free!

You can be too!

Hang in there, think positive and be happy.

Hope and Humor!

Take care and good luck,


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Hi 1931.
I am faring I did not fair as well as Joe did but I did Fair .
I have not figured out why we are all so different .
I had a lotta pain lost my hair an all the things that go with carbo taxol.
But they have a pill for all of it.
So far its been good complete lung removed in 2006 and I am still here.
who knows maybe it was the Chemo.
I have a Pet scan tomorrow Kinda worries a person .
Funny every one always says everything will be allwrite . But sometime it is not allwrite.
So you get what you get.
My prayers are with you.

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And my thoughts are with you Greg. Good luck with the scan and the subsequent results!

Take care,


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Hi Greg:

I saw your post this morning. Let me know how your Pet Scan went. You've been through so much already and yet this disease just keeps asking for more. Some days I really get depressed but mostly I keep busy and try very hard not to think about it.

I'm having a bone scan on Christmas Eve. I sure hope that goes well. I probably won't have results till after the holiday.

I see your four-legged friend in the picture. What kind of dog is he?

Chin up,

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dads test came back clear, we all pray, for all of those (of you) who deal with this pain, it is very hard to understand unless you are there unless it happens to your loved one and then it sure opens you up to a world of fear. a fear that don't ever leave and it makes a person aware of the loved ones every one has out there that have been dealing with cancer until it happens it sounds so distant, don't it? and Cali helped dad thru with a lot of pain she (is a she) his four legged best friend, keeps him going, i swear he talks and talks to her, she is a great little dog, she is a boston-bull terrier, who thinks she is a people not a doggy. our family is and always has been an animal family dogs cats birds and every stray creature i could bring home (seriously) i have added almost every critter that came along to this family, except cali, but she is definitely a gift to us all, animals help to heal the spirit, and they love unconditionally
please take care all of you always thank you for sharing it helps dad learn and deal with some of the pain that just never really goes away bless you all
(i am greg's daughter, just happened to interrupt his mail) i am like the child that never leaves you might say, not that i haven't tried , i am fortunate to have great parents

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Charlene how long has your dad had cancer Im worried about time. Sometime..I swaer I have no brain left Im so forgetful

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I had my second treatment in this series yesterday. I received Taxol and Carboplatin this time. It went well, but when I was almost finished and was chatting with the nurse, I became warm and short of breath. The doctor checked me and said that's a side effect of Carboplatin. I used a Proventil inhaler and that did the trick, and I went Christmas shopping.

I've been experiencing some discomfort in the upper back if I cough or sneeze so I'm signed up for a bone scan the afternoon of Christmas Eve. The scan is preceded by a shot of contrast dye and prior to the shot I have my chemo treatment. I should be glowing enough by then to be Rudolph.

We all experience this disease so differently that trying to get a hold on what's coming is almost impossible. So I just go with the flow and do the best I can. I figure every day I wake up is a gift.

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I have had all these treatments, they gave me hot flashes in my face an neck around my eyes I had to use those little mask you cool in the fridge to help for the first couple days after treatment. I allso had radation an that burnt me up real bad an had alot of pain from that an now I have scar tissue from the radation, I can tell you when the weather is going to change. I start hurting where the scare tissue is in my chest an back. I had a bad taste in my mouth alot an had to eat with plastic fork an spoons an it allso makes food with sugar tast bad.
I go for my first scan sinse all my treatment is done in january.
I am doing good I have good days an bad days sometimes I am real tired an sleep alot but I try to keep moving the doctor said I need to stay healthy to fight again when it comes back not if but when it dose. I keep praying it dose not come back. my had spread to far to be removed but it all has shrunk thank god!!!!! and good friends

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My Mom has stage 4, non-small lung cancer and we began the chemo/Avastin treatment last year. Within 4 cycles, all of Mom's tumors (original lung site and liver shrank. Even better, Mom's pain stopped with the first dose. Unfortunately, Mom developed blood clots and we were not allowed to continue in the trial. Without this combination of drugs, her cancer started growing again. Despite the serious complication (which can arise from chemo alone or just getting older), Mom is willing to take the treatment outside of the clinical trial because the benefits are beginning to outweigh the risks and our prior experience was mostly positive.

Best of luck to you

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My mom has adenocarcinoma NSCLC with metastisis to the bone and the brain.

Her doctor wants her to start 1st line chemo: cisplatin or carboplatin + paclitaxel.

anyone has had experience with these drugs?

i heard that cisplatin is more effective than carboplatin but more toxic.

finally is avastin given as a first line chemo or more of a second line chemo?

i would appreciate your advice and good luck to you all!

thank you in advance.


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In October 2008 I was diagnosed w/stage III non-small lung cancer. I started chemo with the above combination and results were realized quickly. I can gladly say that at present time, I am in remission. I found my treatments bearable--no terrible side effects (Thank God). Some discomfort in my legs and joints for a few days--but nothing I could'nt handle. I made sure I went for walks almost everyday. There's still some numbness in my feet and fingertips, but it gets better each week. I am glad to say I returned to work 5 weeks ago.

I now go for treatments every 3 weeks and am taking only avastin as my treatments.

These current treatments only last 30 minutes as opposed to the 5 hours when I taking the 3 drugs.

I'm going for my next scan in about two weeks and I know I'll get the "All Clear" again.

I hope you're doing well and continue to fight. Think positive and eat fresh fruit and vegetables and hopefully all will be well with you.

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Your post has given me hope that perhaps my Mum's Stage III NSCLC will also go into remission too. My Mum was diagnosed as Stage 3A 2 weeks ago then after another CT scan post a mediastinoscopy 2 days earlier, they re-staged it to 3B beucase of a pleural effussion which seems to have appeared in teh last 3 days...
I hope you got the "All Clear" in your scan...Please post a reply to let us know.
take Care,

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