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Taxotere-Carboplatin-Herceptin Regimen Question

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After my third diagnoses of breast cancer - left breast in 2003 a stage 1 and then in 2006 in the right breast a DCIS then again a lump in the left breast. I had a bi-lateral mastectomy two weeks ago today and will have my first reconstruction expansion tomorrow.

I met with my oncologist to review the pathology report and the tumor size was 1.1 x 0.8 x0.5 cm and my estrogen and progesterone receptors were both negative and my Her2 status was positive. He has suggested that I have 6 treatments of Taxotere/Carboplatin/Herceptin once every three weeks followed by 9 more months of Herceptin - once every three weeks.

Is anyone out there doing this treatment regimen? If so what can I expect for side effects?
My first diagnois in 2003 I did A/C with Taxol so I have done chemo before but I was hoping that since I had the mastectomy I thought I would not have to do chemo.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Together in the fight.......

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Hi simmon: Can't say I have had that, I had invasive ductal carcinoma, but there are a few ladies here that have gone through the same regimen that you will be going through. One that comes to mind is JoyceLouise. I think she had the same regimen or something similar and also had to do the herceptin. If she doesn't post to this comment, send her an email. I know she will be more than happy to help. Good luck to you, Hugs, Lili

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My regime wasn't quite the same. I had four rounds of A/C and then four rounds of Taxol with herceptin. The herceptin then continues for the rest of the year. I had my infustions every two weeks with neulasta shot the day after. Your side effects will be individual. I did not have a very bad time of it (except emotionally). The herceptin does not make your hair fall out. Have you had herceptin before? It is supposed to be very good. Perhaps that will be the charm that rids you of this beast once and for all! Best wishes, and I hope this was helpful. If not, please let me know any questions. Love, Joyce

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I didn't realize Herceptin could lower our counts. They told me i only have to do blood drawa every three weeks now.
love Jackie

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Hello, Simmonsg,
This is my first posting to this discussion group. I'm most of the way finished with almost the exact chemo regimen you describe. This is my 2nd breast cancer diagnosis. The first was in 1999--an estrogen-receptor-positive tumor. I had 4 rounds of Cytoxin/Adriomycin, followed by 4 years of Tamoxafin and 2 yrs. of Aromasin (sp? on all of those). Early this year I was diagnosed with a lump in the same breast--this time ER and PR - and HER+, so I've completed 6 rounds of Taxotere and Carboplatin a few weeks ago, and will be continuing with Herceptin every 3 weeks through next March. For me, the side effects of Herceptin are nil--nothing noticeable. For the Carboplatin/Taxotere, my nausea was pretty well controlled by the anti-nausea medications. I lost my hair more quickly than I had the last time around (starting at after the first treatment). My fatigue in the first week of treatment was not as severe/total as it had been under the previous regimen, but I also did not recover my energy as quickly in weeks 2 and 3. I did work, on average, about half time throughout the treatments. I had the usual changes in taste of foods in weeks 1 and 2, but did not loose my appetite, and could always find things that tasted fine. There were some other minor symptoms like drippy nose and eyes (I'm told this is common with Taxotere), and some minor neuropathy in my feet. I'd be happy to answer any other questions you have.

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jojo elizapest
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my eyes and nose have been dripping for weeks and onc told me not connected with treatment...must be allergies...........so glad you posted this post so that I have learned that it probably is connected and from another responded the use of eye drops or claritin might help...I will check with onc and then hopefully can stop carrying the tissue box on a chain around my neck (very bling though!)

speaking of dripping...my favorite summer game with kids...drip drip splash...played like duck duck goose...but walk around circle with a cup of water....the person walking determines how much of a splash to give various circle sitters...then the whole cup gets dumped on SPLASH...even more fun using a bucket!

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I am taking herceptin every 3 weeks for a year will be up in april or may.Has not been bad.I take it on Thursday and work on Friday. Good luck

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I did 4 rounds of A/C and will have 17 rounds of herceptin. Have not had any side effects after the first round, also taking Arimidex for 5 years. Good luck.

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Ninja, when do you take your herceptin? I am going this thursday. We should make a herceptin together date at Roseville. Is your schedule anywhere near mine? Congrats on getting through rads. Love reading your posts and seeing how you are. Love, Joyce

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jojo elizapest
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Especially love the support the little one is giving you by choosing to wear his hair the same! Beautiful picture...I love the connection between all of the arms...


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I had carboplatin for my rectal cancer. All of the platinum chemos are notorious for causing neuropathy, especially in the feet. Drink LOTS of water if you can...this seemed to help me. Also, you may notice that everything tastes wierd. Sort of metalic. I avoided this as much as possible by eating things that tasted different already. For instance, Propel for fluids. I also ate ALOT of scalloped potatoes...it was great comfort food!

I had taxol, not taxotere, for my breast cancer. Standard chemo routine of Adriamycin/Cytoxin/Taxol. So, I doubt that I can help there.

I'm sending big hugs,


P.S.....I always would tease that MY body was worth more than others...because I was carrying around platinum from my chemo...I just was more subtle than these gals with their big rings....rofl!

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I had been diagnosed with Salivary Duct Cancer (SDC)which has metastisized to my lungs, liver and neck area, despite having had prior surgery and radiation therapy. I was told of the Taxotere, carboplatin and herceptin (TCH) treatment by Dr. Robert Haddad of the Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston as the oncologists in upstate NY have not encountered this cancer previously.

My treatments of TCH are every 3 weeks with 6 total treatments and with Herceptin weekly in between which will continue for a full year. After 3 TCH treatments, the cancer no longer appears on a recent PET scan, which my local oncologist considers remarkable. My side effects of the TCH usually start on day 3 and include neuropathy in my finger tips, swelling of my gums and oral areas, and diarrhea until day 8. The Herceptin alone gives a hyper sensitivity to light on day 4 and 5.

I do have slight nausea which seems tolerable with compazine and any pain is controlled with oxicodone. Considering the agressive nature of SDC and the general poor prognosis, I consider the side effects tolerable. I did experience significant hair loss after day 10 from the first TCH treatment. I was told that after the last TCH treatment, I should start to regrow my hair in 4 to 6 weeks. Does anyone know if this is accurate?

If anyone also has SDC, they may want to consider this regimine as a possible treatment. My best wishes to all that are going though the same treatment.

12/2009 followup; With my latest PET scan, I still show that the cancer is no where to be detected. However the insurance company - Blue Shield of Northeastern NY has denied the rest of my herceptin treatments as they claim there is insufficient substantiation (in other words they consider it experimentatl) for this treatment. Short term results are clear that the TCH treatment seems to have worked. Only downside to my treatments is a lot of oral degradation. Working on the cause and treatment at this point. Will keep everyone updated

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Herceptin is for Her+ Cancers and your expert Board Certified Oncologist needs to write your insurance carrier a letter of justification.  You then give that letter to the Insurance Company and request that they have 3 experts in Certified Oncology state that that this this drug is not appropriate, tell them you will wait 15 days and then turn this over to a Board Certifed Attorney on a contingency fee bases as you believe that the Insurance Company is in BAD FAITH claims process.  This will force you to file suit for breach of contract (get copy of your contract and if not specifical exculuded by contract its included, they wrote the policy) and Bad Faith Claims process with include a count for Punitive Damages. e

Again, Herceptin is for Her + and the drug is not considered experimental in that specific protein.  Thus, they need three experts (Board Certified Oncologists) to make determination experimental and you have no obligation to show anything more than the Her + or/and your Doctors opinion.   You could also contact the manufacture of Herceptin and get their researchers opinion.   I am finding this is  goining on alot and so I would contact an Attorney and get a contingency fee based contract with the attorney - to the attorney I would say these cases really are not that difficult as the jury's see them selves in these situations and would not want to be denied.

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It sounds like we have the exact same regimen. My tumor size was 2.5cm and I had 6 pos. lymphnodes out of 23. You didn't mention if yours were pos? My E and P receptors were neg, like yours and her2 was pos. also. I had 6 treatments of Taxotere/Carboplatin/Herceptin every three weeks and will have another 9 Herceptin treatments. I will have my first Herceptin alone the 15th, and ever 3 wks after. I start radiation around the 3rd week of May. for 6 weeks.

Side effects that I experienced were 1. hair loss at about 17 days 2. metalic taste and burning of the esophagus (especially with acidic foods) I drank lots of water and took pepsid 3. diarrhea (i took immodium) 3. puffy and watery eyes and runny nose (used eye drops) and claritan 4. weight gain (could be from all the milkshakes i had! but they felt sooo good going down my burning throat!haha) 5. lack of energy ( I rested when i needed and worked when i felt better..usually afer day 5-10. 6. lymphademia (i got a massage machine) and this is because of lymphnode removal.

If you have more questions be sure to ask. You can PM me if you want. Keep me informed on how you are doing and I will help however I can, I didn't mean to scare you with all of the side effects, it really is doable. I was not ever that nauseated that i threw-up or anything. Mostly just tired. My best to you
Hugs and God Bless

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It sounds like you and I are close to the same schedule. I just finished the TCH regimine on April 30th. I will continue the Herceptin every three weeks to complete a year of treatment. I had six treatments of TCH. I had DCIS which became invasive. My tumor was +5cm. At the time of my mastectomy, 6 of 18 lymph nodes tested positive. A further ultrasound showed some internal nodes also appearing positive. Since my chemo, the recent ultrasound showed nothing (meaning the chemo is working)! I am E/P negative and HER2/neu positive. My Similation for Rads is May 15th. I will have 6-7 weeks of Rads.

I felt beat after my 6th infusion...very sore across my back in spots as if I had been beaten and left bruised. Today, I am having some neuropathy in my left leg/foot and left hand. Last night I felt as if I had my first good restful sleep since my Apr 30 infusion. So, I think I've turned the corner again. Good days ahead of me!

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Starting this regimen next week for 6 cycles and then 7 weeks radiation. 9 positive lymph nodes out of 17 removed. How is everyone making out? I am having an awful time with my stupid drains. Almost 7 weeks post op and I still have it in the side that had the cancer. Has anyone else experienced this?

Thank you to all you brave folks!

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Welcome! I have already finished all but the Herceptin on this regimen. I am glad you found us. This is a fairly old post. Maybe you could start a new topic (thread) to introduce yourself? I am sure you will recieve many warm welcomes here.
hugs, jackie

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Hello, my second drain was finally removed about 5 weeks after my mastectomy. My surgeon does not remove drains until the daily amount is below a specific level. I didn't have any trouble with the drains as I am truly blessed with a loving husband who handled drain care for me. All I had to do was manage the frustration of "wearing" them. I am sorry they are giving you such a rough time.

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same treatment and also same type of cancer with her-2 positive. I have completed all treatment and radiation with only herceptin left every 3 wks til jan '10'
I had no problems except fatigue, which was not all bad. Just didn't feel like my old self. Good Luck...

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Christmas Girl
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Glad you found us, glad to have you.

My BC experience was quite different than yours, so cannot specifically address your question.

Again, welcome.

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Sorry I can't help you as I have not had drains. But I did want to welcome you and encourage you to come back anytime and for any reason. :) Pammy

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I am on the same "cocktail" after a double mastectomy, but I have only had one treatment. This is day 7 after infusion and I feel pretty good...finished radiation for my matasticized cancer in my hip the day after my chemo...so the tiredness I'm feeling may be from rads. I was pretty nauseous about 30 hours after for 4-5 days, some leg soreness (chemo or rads????)...honestly in just about one form or the other I have had just about every side affect the books says for Taxol (howbeit mild). The anti-nausea drugs are pretty good I think if you get the right combination. I'll be anxious to see other posts...I hear we can expect our blood counts to go down after the 2nd treatment. How that plays out, I'm not sure. All in all my first round seems to have gone pretty well...tho I HATE nausea and really hate throwing up but that only happened twice. And my oncologist (and I think some ladies here) says the hair will likely fall out about day 14....gives me one more week of vanity. Good luck with your first round. All I know is that at least at my Cancer Center, they will work with me to make sure that the affects are as minimal as possible, and while I HATE HAVING TO PUT THIS POISON IN MY BODY, I know it works and the side affects will pass. I will be praying for you.

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I am on same meds, had a lumpectomy in April and 4 cycles of these meds and 2 hospitalizations and lots of side effects but don't go by me because my occ even says I am unusal and all the lit indicates that I am not usual.  But, even when its bad its only really bad for about 5-6 hours and I think that is ok because the rest of the stuff is just minor in comparison. Best advice is to watch your side effects and let your doctor in your office visit don't rely on message system.

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