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Why No Radiation

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Thank you for your time, as I am lost. My sister is on her 4th Chemo, and will be taking two more. The doctor said he will keep an eye on her after the Chemo as he will stop giving it to her after the 6th Chemo. She told me this, and told me the tumor spread has stopped. Why would't the next step be Radiation, to shrink the tumor, does this mean not everyone get radaition, I'm concerned for her. I know this isn't much information for you,but with this little information can you tell me. I'm scared for her, I love her so much.
Love Stardust

God Bless All

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Hey Stardust -

Lung cancers, regardless of whether they are a small-cell or a non-small cell lung cancer, may or may not be treated with radiation based on stage, other treatments performed on the patient, and also the patient's personal health history walking into the diagnosis. I just wanted to assure you that sometimes the radiation isn't necessary to get kill cancer cells. It just depends on a lot of different factors. The American Cancer Society has some terrific Lung Cancer Treatment Guidelines on their website that go over typical treatments for lung cancer based on their stage and whether they are small-cell or non-small cell. Here a link:


I wish you and your sister nothing but the best during this time and will keep you in my prayers.

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Dear missmagdalene, Thank you for your reply, I feel much better now.

Love Stardust1, You are in my prayers too.

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Congratulation on your sister getting though the 4 rounds of chemotherapy!

As for radiation, it is common, but not a requirement following chemotherapy. As with all treatments, there are pro's and con's. It could be that radiating the tumor would damage too large an area. With 6 rounds of chemotherapy, radiation may not add anything anyway.

For a tumor in my lung, my doctor suggested we watch and wait, with no radiation. We could see the tumor in a chest x-ray and because a chest x-ray is easy, quick, and cheap, it would provide one way to regularly monitor the cancer and act when needed.

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Dear jagged, Thank you for the information on radiation, it's what the doctor told my sister, to wait and see. I just thought it was really bad, that he felt to go no further. Now, I feel better, that he's watching it and go from there.

Love Stardust
God Bless and Take Care

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