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50 years, cancer free

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I am celebrating 50 years of fantastic years since my battle with cancer of the larynx in 1959 at age six. I have lived a wonderful and blessed life. I met a beautiful lady in 2006 from Bohol, Philippines and I depart Oct. 28 to bring Gemma and her five year old daughter back with me and to plan our wedding, Feb. 21, 2009. I recently wrote a book, 'Hello Cancer...Remember Me?' about my memories in my battle with cancer, 1959. It can be found on the PublishAmerica web sight. Thanks, Paul Streble

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I am so glad you posted--your short message was inspiring to me. Congratulations on 50 years being cancer free.

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Thanks for your post. Congrats on 50 yrs past dx. I'm at 26 yrs past dx at 10 of can. brain tumor. I wonder if I'll make it to 50 yrs past. Yor post gives me that hope

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God bless you and I hope I too can say I beat cancer 50 years ago...

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in 20 mins i will be celebrating 5 years cancer free. i was sick when i was 13 and now i'm 18 yay for us i hope one day to reach 50 years like you!!!


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Hi Paul,
I had ALL when I was five and I'll be celebrating 19 years in October. I can't wait to reach my 50th year like you! I will be 56 when I reach that. Thank you for spearding your hope around for us!

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Great to hear Paul ! I have been searching for older survivors of Childhood Cancers. I am very happy to have finally found one older than me !

Happy and proud to say I am now 46 years free from first Cancer of Childhood - Hodgkins Lymphoma - 1963, 32 years since Thyroid Cancer, and incredibly now 9 years in remission from Breast Cancer.

Yeah !!

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Me too--Cancer (neuroblastoma)removed in '58. It feels a bit odd, doesn't it? God is amazing. And life is such a precious gift--we have been so blessed! --Maryruth

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Kerri Lynn
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hey congratulations to you! I know the feeling because I am coming up on my 16-year anniversary on April 10. It is an incredible day for any survivor so I wish all the best to you and many years to come. :)

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Wonderful..to God be the glory Keri lynn.

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I'mm 33 years cancer free from Ewings Sarcoma. Nice to hear that number 50. I'll look up your book.

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Im 32yrs free of Ewings. I agree, 50yrs is fantastic and gives me much hope!

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God is so awesome..this post has certainly given me joy.. and it shows how God really will come through for any of us,, but we must have faith..for the bible says without faith it is impossible to please Him..Hebrews 11:6. Faith brings God's promises to come into your life.. but fear brings the enemy's curses into your life..I was diagnosed with breast cancer.. my Father in heaven has healed me , and your post has inpired me, and proved God's word to be true.

Bless the Lord God,the God of Israel, who only doeth wondrous things

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I came here looking to see if anyone had me beat in 42 years of being cancer free. Glad to know there are people that have gone through this longer than me. It's a great sign!

I had Hodgkins at the age of 5. The doctors told me I was the youngest to survive it in SF history. Not sure if that is true, just what they told me.

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Just curious where you live and where you had your treatment? I am from Northern California and I had my Hodgkins treated in SF in 1968.


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Oh my goodness that's great to hear!!! And so inspirting. Congrats on your future wedding. Here's to many happy years with your soon to be partner. :) And to many more years cancer free!!:D

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