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day 2

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Today I take my sister to the city again for her second thyroid shot. Yesterday after the shot she was loopy and driving the 1and half hours home was very intence. She said she felt very high and off balance so I had her lay back on her car chair and was smart enough to take a pillow with us, she was so loopy and tired by the time I got her home at 11 a.m she was out, and didn't get up until 4;30. Today she has to go back and I think she will be the same or worse. Friday she will stay in the hospital, and I will go get her monday where we will stay at her place for 16 days, while she recovers from the RAI shot, I will keep you posted. It was scarry...

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RebeccaRod: Your sister is having RAI shots? When I had my RAI (Radio Active Iodine Treatment)it came in a blue pill that I swallowed. I then was sent home right away sense I was radio active. I couldn't sleep in the same bed with my husband for six nights. I couldn't be near anyone within three feet for three days, which meant no going to work. That part was ok. Hehehe. I had to use separate eating utencils and wash all my clothes and sheets separately as well. Did your sister have to go on a special NO IODINE diet for two weeks prior to the first shot? Also do you know the dosage of RAI she is getting?

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Dyna, Yes yesterday Friday she went to hospital, she was put in an iso room and she got her first shot right after I left her, she got another shot Saturday, and she gets her last one today. Tomorrow Monday i have to travel down to get her, then the two of us will be at her house for 16 days, her boyfriend and 3 yr old son have moved out her son will stay with my mom and her boyfriend will sleep at someone else's house for 16 days, before we will be aloowed to have contact with anyone we will both travel one more time where she will be scanned to see if it worked and I will be tested to see how much I was exposed too. she was on the iodine free diet for the 2 weeks before. and according to her Doc if she cheated on that diet she won't make it because she was so sick before she got the cancer her cells were really low so cemo is out of the question. I took her to 3 specialist and they all said the exact some thing she had had years of abusing her body and she is 43, plus she had a DNC done a month prior to this mess, I will have to clean up after her everytime she gets out of bed, she will eat and drink out of plastic cups so I can throw them away then I will have the local hospital pick up her contaminated plastic stuff, My husband was very worried about me doing this but my mom was too old and her daughter (17) was too young, her boyfriend had too work so since I can't have kids I opted to do it, I don't know how high the dose is it was hard enough to keep her focused on staying calm and tring to explain to the family about the proceedure, plus the fact that they gave her a 30 percent to live. I get calls from the doc daily and he says its a wait and see, but for noe she is doing good she is throwing up and is very tired. not to mention she is alone since they won't let visitors see her.the hwhole experience was an eye opener to me, I use to work in a hospital and know how lonely it can be to be stuck in one of those rooms. So if I can go get her tomorrow like we are planning she will be happy to go home. on the 2nd of July is when we go back down for the testing, if all goes well we will be allowed to be free, otherwise they will have a plan and that will take another week. They alos said we wont be able to be in the sun this summer, we live in the redwood by the river so I am really bummed about that but there is always next summer hhahhah.

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How did your sister do during the treatment and confinement at home?
Did you get the results from the testing yesterday?
How are you holding up?
How is your sisters mental state?
See about joining a support group in the area, there maybe someone who can help you and your sister during this battle. I like the following website: www.thyca.org they give a lot of support. Take care

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