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Bowel movements with an ileostomy

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OK, this may be a bit gross, but I'm pretty sure everyone on this board has been through some pretty gross stuff.

I am 4 weeks post surgery - lower anterior bowel resection. Waiting to start chemo.

Last Saturday, my lower (I thought disconnected) bowel started rumbling and I was passing air, gas or something. Nurse at the hospital said I might pass a bit of stool at some point that was left over. Sunday I had very uncomfortable rumblings in my lower bowel not too much pain. That night I passed some stool. Figured that was that.

Monday, I could feel something "rolling" down there all day. Pain was moderate, very uncomfortable. Monday night I passed what would be considered a normal BM. It was so painful it took my breath away, but the pain passed with the poo. I figured it was from where he had removed my rectum and the incision was still healing.

Tuesday was my appt with my surgeon. He was 1 1/2 hrs behind and VERY short with me. 5 minutes in room at the most. I told him about this and he said, Yea, that will happen. You'll keep having bowel movements because the lower intestine produces mucus. (sp?)

So I came home and thought this was normal. This morning I woke up in horrible pain. I could not pass anything, but the pain took me to tears. I took 2 pain pills; 1st since I've been home. Didn't help at all. Had appt with cheom Dr today so didn't call the surgeon. Was in horrible pain at the appt. He says this is not normal at all and has ordered me to go have a contrast CAT tomorrow of abdominal and pelvis. He did write me a script for some stronger pain meds and it is tollerable now although I'm in a bit of a haze.

Has anyone else experienced anything like this? I feel like I'm getting different information from the 'professionals' in my life.

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I have an iliestomy and I did have bowel movements that were what I would describe as mucous, but not what you are describing. If you are in that much pain, there is something wrong. Depending on when the c-scan is scheduled for, I would take a walk into emergency just to make sure everything is okay. Monica

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I got the scan done this afternoon. Just waiting to hear now. Good thing is, all is quiet today. No pain and nothing rumbling around. Ostomy is working as usual. Nurse did say the pain meds could have calmed the lower bowel down. I'm hoping the Dr will call me with results over the weekend. I hate to have to worry about this until Monday.

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