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cyberknife for lung?

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Hi. Has anyone had Cyberknife for lung nodule removal? If so, I'd be grateful to learn where you had it, and why. I'm in my manic research mode! I am probably looking at traditional surgery -- but just exploring some of the options. You can email me via this site or of course reply on the message board. Sorry if I have missed previous posts/discussions of this issue. Thanks. Tara

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Hi Tara,
My mom had Cyberknife for 3 tumors on her adrenal gland. When I was in my manic research mode, I found Cyberknife offered in a few different states. Sorry, I can not remember where they were now. But, my mom recieved her treatment in Boulder, Colorado. We live in Colorado, but it was about 4 hours away. The Doc's name was Dr. McNeely. I can not say enough about him and his staff. They were absolutely wonderful to my mom and my entire family. The name of the place is Rocky Mountain Cyberknife. If you need the number, I'm sure I could find it. They had me send them all of my mom's records and scans. They reviewed them and let us know by phone if my mom was a canidate for CK. Once that was determined, we set up our first appointment. The procedure itself was pretty easy. She had cyberknife for 5 consecutive days-did not make her sick. Her next scan-done 8 weeks later showed that those tumors were dead. I pray for the best for you. Let me know if I can be of any more help.

Posts: 1961
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Thanks for this response, Valerie. It is great to hear that the treatment was successful for her. Yea. Don't worry about tracking down further information for me -- I've been able to find a list of all the places that have it (and saw Boulder on the list -- that team seems to be publishing, too). Good to hear you had such a good experience with them....Thanks again. Tara

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