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possible renal ca recurrence

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Hi all - I am new to this. My husband had a left partial lower nephrectomy for "slow growing" renal cell ca over 1 year ago. Ct scan after 6 months was negative. He had a CT scan last week. They said that there is a suspicious growth adjacent to the bowel-on his kidney. CT 6 months ago showed this but they thought it was scar tissue. Noe it has grown bigger. They want to do a biopsy. I thought that this should not be done d/t dispersement of cancer cells if positive. Does anyone have any info or a similar episode like this? Please answer asap, as we are going for consult in 2 days. Thanks--Cyn

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Keep the faith, this seems to be our new reality, we will be checked and double checked. I would ask if it's possible to remove this growth completely, I also had a partial 13 weeks ago, Don't know what's ahead for me either. Can only stay positive!! Good luck to you and your husband, Anniec

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mine was a total rt. nephrectomy (primary nearly as big as the kidney. I have about 20 other mets. They did biopsy them to be sure what they were. I have one of the best Onc. in the area(advantage of being in medical field) yet I still did a backstop check at first (2nd opinion from another Onc. at a different institution no connections to the other) Nothing personal it is just my life that I was making chioces about. Hope this helps

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I almost had a partial, the doctor cut next to the tumor though & had to take the whole kidney. I actually wish I would never had agreed to the partial. When dealing with cancer, just doesn't make sense to take any chances. I have read that biopsy isn't advised for kidney cancer. I would recommend asking why they don't just take the whole growth. Is there a down side to that?

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Big downside to taking whole kidney! Always try for partial. I had right kidney removed now found out I have cancer in left kidney. Hoping they don't have to remove all of it due to the consequences! It is common practice to take all the whole kidney but we must fight to get the word out that if they can do partial please do that as with me I don't have a back up now.

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Sorry to hear about the recurrence in the other kidney. Guess you have to weigh the risks depending on your specific case. My entire right kidney was removed in 2006 but, as mentioned, not before the surgeon cut into the tumor. I'm afraid this mistake may have planted/spread cancer cells that would've been encapsulated by the kidney had it been removed whole. This, like any treatment, is a very personal choice.

I am now down to one kidney along with worries of the risks from the surgeon having compromise the tumor by cutting into it instead of around it. Next time you are preparing food, consider whether you would use the same knife you just cut raw meat with to cut up your salad? I cannot prepare dinner without this thought. The surgeon used the same scaplel that he'd used & accidentally cut into the tumor to then cut the rest of my kidney out (I only know because I asked him that specific question). when I asked my new doc if that was a risk, he said he would never have done it. He cannot determine risk, only that there is no need to risk it. Get a clean scalpel. My advise? If you are going to agree to a partiail-nephrectomy, make sure you tell them you want a clean scalpel used if they cut into cancer cells.

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