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Interferon and Trying to get Pregnant

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Hello everyone! Brief history of me: 38 yrs old male, had "blemish" on left cheek that was malignant melanoma, surgery with large scar (no worries, chick dig scars!) lymph nodes came back neg...but DNA mapping showed positive ties. Starting interferon via medi-port next Monday. The question is this.......my wife and I were wanting to have another child, is there any risk to trying to get pregnant while on Interferon therapy?? Thanks for any information you might have!!!!!

God Bless!

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Hello. So good to meet you, I am Mike Barbour-> eyesofice2us@yahoo.com<- I just went through interferon, well the first part anyway, I dont know if your doing just the first month or the year process but I did the 1 year project and only made it through the 1 month! I lost 52 pounds and got very sick. Pneumonia, then after 2 months Bronchitis, Really tires you down. I have stage 4 melanoma with mantises brain tumor they took out. Im no Dr. but I would think that it would not be a good idea to try pregnancy, if you do though, try RIGHT NOW before it all gets to you. My situation was after about a month I had no sperm to even try, soooo.. Ive had chemo before and radiation but Interferon seems to be quite different and strong compared to others.
(No worries, chick dig scars!)HAHA I like that saying. They should be flocking over me then by now though! hehe! Coarse ALWAYS ASK YOUR DR. about this, Please.
I am 48, was in perfect health with jogging, biking, and big on hiking, you can always email me about and we can talk further as I am one with some experience. Like the ol saying, BEEN THEYRE DONE THAT. But remember also, what works for one person may not for another although I have found others and we have talked and always a drink called AMLA RUSH from www.myseriesse.com/agelessbeauty
Has worked very well in keeping others and me energy and immune system better. Lots of things work for different people and I have tried many things to help but this is the best so far. Which you will find many others (Family included) always seem to have the cure and offer there help in things but from one guy with cancer to another, this drink does help me allot! Anyway I could go on and on but hope some of this helps you. Email me if you would like.--GOD BLESS- MY FRIEND ~~MIKEBARBOUR~eyesofice2us@yahoo.com

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Hi -- my husband has Stage III Melanoma and is currently undergoing radiation and will start Interferon after radiation. We have one child and planned to try for another this spring but life had other plans... Our doctors recommended sperm banking before radiation since it was possible that the treatments (radiation and interferon) could affect his fertility. We met with the fertility doctors last week and we may even use IVF when we are ready since it looks like my husband's melanoma is genetic. (both his parents have had melanoma) They will be able to identify the gene and only select the healthy ones. We are not interested in choosing gender or eye color, but from our point of view -- this is one gene that we would be happy to see removed from the gene pool.

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I'm probably too late to really reply to this, this is my very first post, but first I would ask your Oncologist. I personally would not think there would be risk associated but the treatments may very well make you infertile for a while. At this point you should be about done with your first month. If you made it congrats! I was staged at III and went through a whole year.
I'm not familiar yet with how to find peoples personal web pages but if you can find mine your welcome to read it.
Good luck to your husband Katoomba.
skinner, I'm thinking of you and hope something crazy positive happens for you.

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I just wanted to take a minute and thank everyone for their responses. After talking to my doctor, we banked sperm before I started on the month long, daily Interferon treatments. I'm now two weeks into the 3 times a week shots. So far I've lost 28ish pounds, and had a pretty rough time with the daily. But the shots are a little better.....I just still have no appetite and food does not taste good. Thank you again for your responses.....God bless everyone!

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In my opinion if one is pregnant and its too late for abortion than its better to leave your idea. Pregnancy is very serious stage and woman should have to care a lot during pregnancy.

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