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I can't have cancer

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I would love to hear from anyone who has melonoma or is a survivor. I was diagnosed two days ago and I'm just really nervous and would have no idea of what to expect. My next appointment is with a specialist and he is going to schedule surgery. I appreciate any feedback.

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Hello, I am mike from Red Bluff,Calif. I have stage 4 tumors in back and has mastisised to brain. all in 5 months. I dont know if you have a mole or tumor? I went through 4 surgeries and besides the brain one. it's not bad at all. but best to have them cut it out and get rid of it!!. Then they will do a limp node biopt on the limp nodes around your spot, (which is ok dont feel a thing) Cross your fingers and hope all clean. then you will do some chemo. I did Interfuron. dont no what you will but interfuron was ok to me. I lost some weight but needed to anyway hehe...You can email me if you like. eyesofice2us@yahoo.com. I can answer alot at least what I went through.. Take care.~~~mike~~

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Hi Mike, I am Arlene (fandaj). I had an in situ melanoma. They got it all. I just have an ugly scar on my leg. I have had colon and breast cancer, but the melanoma really scared me. I want to wish you the best of luck. Regards, Arlene

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I had a large freckle on my leg that turned out to be stage 0 melanoma. I had surgery and they got it all. I didnt need chemo or radiation, just the surgery. Previously I had colon cancer and breast cancer. Finding any cancer early is the key. Good luck, Arlene

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I have had two mealanomas and both were removed via Mohs Micrographic Surgery and no other treatment was required. Do you have anymore information like the size/depth of the melanoma. I know getting that news is shocking, so you may not have asked your doctor many questions. You should feel free to call the doctor back to get more information/specifics. My doc was amazingly nice. My surgeons were very nice as well. Good luck to you! PS. Since you have been diagnosed it would be wise of you to have your immediate family checked by a dermatologist ASAP.

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Hi, I had stage 1 and was removed 3 yrs ago. it was shocking to say the least. it was a mole that changed. removed. tested and all came back clear. the shock of it all and research was hard to take. I decided to make changes in my life. i quit smoking. went back to school and got my mba. exercise and decided to eat better. but i had another removed a week ago and got results back. all was clear but i felt that for ever six months of the rest of my life i would be reminded of my mortality. i hate that. but i have to figure out how to make it work for the best. to live the best life possible.

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I know this responce below is long but please do read and lets talk some. I also would like to find
some friends to talk to because this is so much to go through and talking it out with others in the same boat is allot better to the mind. You can always email me to at ; eyesofice2us@yahoo.com
Hope to hear from you and hope i dont bore you with my story below:) I am setting up a forum for us cancer people to go to and just talk.
July 2007. I noticed a lump on my back right shoulder blade because it would bother my sleeping and driving, a lump I mean the size of a golf ball. So I made appointment with Primary Dr. He sent me to a surgeon and that surgeon said it seems to be a fatty tumor, shouldnt bother me but I insisted to have it removed. It was removed a week later and next day my Primary called me at 8pm to tell me results that if was stuffed full of melanoma cells and they will have to go back in and cut all around it. I said sure will do lets get it going. So he then sends me way down south to a big cancer hospital where by then it was a month later and another lump has started growing about 3 inches away from where the last one was. This Dr. at new hospital takes it out, cuts out about 4 pounds of meat from around last incision Takes out 5 limp nodes from around back and arm pit.
Tells me there was no cells in armpit nodes but were a little tiny bit in node on top of shoulder but they got it all. BUT, I have it in my blood system.
Theyre going to start me with INTERFURON in 30 days. In that 30 days about on day 17 I start having seizures, small ones at first and I am totally awake all through, (actually I at first thought they were just muscle spasms and was kinda funny) couple days later I have a Grand mal and was not as funny, Still I didnt black out But my wife called ambulance, my 3 fingers on right hand went totally numb and still are. Hospital all thought I may have had a stroke even though we told them I have stage 4 cancer and to check my brain. They didnt, they sent me home!..Next day I went to my Primary Dr and he ordered a MRI of brain and sure enough, theres that baby on top left side deep about 1&1/2 inches in.
It was about the size of a triple A battery, lot of swelling and they set up operation in 4 days. By the time 4 days came and they took it out it had grown to the size of now a D cell battery! The surgeon said another week and would not be able to get it all but they did, he stated now.
Finally NOW I am able to start my INTERFURON. 10-22-07. Its been 5 month since diagnosed, 4 surgeries, 352 stitches and staples ago and I am plowing through. Will Beat this and show all that this can be done. With the help of many prayer chains and I being prayer over. 10-29-07 first week in chemo and doing ok. Must admit this interferon is tuff, Got to find a better way to eat. Do not feel as if food is any good hehe. Will work it out, You can to with what ever they throw at you, Jan. 23rd. Tumor found in top of right hand. Taken out next day, 5 more stitches, ( I am feeling like a rag doll) hehe. Keep a positive attitude,
HEY AN UPDATE! I Just found a drink that is helping allot! I dont really want to post because I dont want to sound like many others you will hear saying OH do this or Hey do that! BUT, I can say and want others to know that this drink I am taking is helping me. it's is giving me energy that Chemo took away and By GOSH I have now had 2 clean PET scans!! YEA!!!
Its called AMLA RUSH from www.myseriesse.com/agelessbeauty
now with that, God, the bible--Which I believe has a whole lot to do with it. Dr. Say, most would have not made it this far.
Yesterday I was out walking a mile... Go Figure/ Yes God is watching over me. I got his back and he has mine!!
Mike Barbour.
25195 2nd. Ave.Los Molinos, California. 96055
email me if you would like, I want to be able to talk to as many real cancer people as i can because it does help me in mind and soul.

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