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any imrt thoughts?

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I am deciding on a treatment. I am psa 2.1, t2b, and 3+4. We have the latest multibeam, modulated intensity radiation machine here and the dr. says it can be my primary treatment. It promises low side effects (much lower than old external beam)and easier treatment than surgery. Any thoughts?

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Although there may be fewer side effects from this treatment, what are the chances of reoccurance?

In my case (6 1/2 yr survivor) I was intent on ridding my body of the cancer. The only way, or at least that is what I thought, was to have the diseased organ removed.

I was in the Hospital only three nites and home. Back to work in 2 weeks. This was with the original Radical Prostatectomy, not the now popular rototic method. The recovery is now much easier and has less side effects than the previous procedure.

If I had to do it again, I would certainly choose to have the surgery again.

When the radiation or chemotherapy route is chosen, if the cancer should return, there are limited options, and surgery is not then an option.

Good luck with your decision. From your figures it would appear that your cancer was discovered early.


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I am a PC survivor for only 9 months now, but I am presently on the Board of Directors for the Georgia Prostate Cancer Coalition and I have learned allot. I just came back from a National Convention in Washington and would like to pass on what I have learned.
First of all, most people do not pick surgery for their procedure because of the fear of surgery. Bottom line is, surgery (especially Robotic's) is the way to go if you are young (around 60) and in good health. The overall results are great for today's surgery.

I am talking about today's surgeries, not those 10 or 15 years ago. Today's robotic surgery is the "gold standard".

The biopisy was worst than the surgery itself. I spoke with 7 doctors to decide on my procedure and was leaning towards seeds. I realize that i was leading towards seeds because I was scared of surgery.

I am thankful for my decision on surgery, and I would recommend robotics. I had no problems with incontinence or ED. I am doing great and that is why I am on advocacy groups to help men make the right decision.

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RadioTherapy Clinics of GA, (rcog.com) has the only treatment of this beam/seed type in the world. Did you consider using them and why didn't you? Also, if anyone has used this treatment will you please tell me your results. I live in California and have medicare so can you also tell me if and how you used them out of state.



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SInce you are in California I would recommend that you look at Dr. Syed at Long Beach Memorial (see my post a few below this re my treatment there) or Loma Linda - both are closer than GA and are outstanding

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RadioTherapy Clinics of GA, (rcog.com) has the only treatment of this beam/seed type in the world. Did you consider using them and why didn't you? Also, if anyone has used this treatment will you please tell me your results. I live in California and have medicare so can you also tell me if and how you used them out of state.



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Here are two books that might help.

Kamikaze Cowboy-Dirk Benedict- cured of prostate cancer by macrobiotics
and The Cancer Prevention Diet- Michio Kushi- "outlines the causes and cures for cancer, [is] filled with testimonies from cancer survivors, [outlines] the different types of cancers, and [has detailed] information on menus, cooking, [and] healing tactics".
If reading is not for you, check out youtube. Look up "Diet Saves Their Lives vol.1". There are at least 10 volumes with people telling their stories about how the Macrobiotic diet saved their lives. They include people who have recovered from the following diseases: Prostate cancer, lymphoma (Hodgkin’s and non-Hodgkin’s), leukemia, Crohn’s disease, breast cancer, bone cancer, and more. Also check out “Macro in Montauk” a man’s account of how he was cured of prostate cancer and what he has done to help others.

Hope this helps

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Hello Everyone!

Just wanted to let everyone know, as with all alternative and complementary treatements, be sure to talk with your doctor regarding interactions with current treatments, potential side-effects, and risks associated with foregoing conventional treatment. You can also contact the American Cancer Society's National Cancer Information Center for up to date information on complementary and alternative cancer treatment as well as information on the rare but possible spontaneous remissions that can be associated with cancer. Cancer Information Specialists can be reached 24 hours a day at 1-800-227-2345.

Take care!


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I am in the same situation as you. PSA higher at 6.2, G: 3+4. Just researched options and agree with others, Robotic Surgery is my choice. The main ACS message board has a long thread on Prostate Robotic Surgery. Other arguments given to me are with 3+4 there is a reasonable probability of recurrence in some form within 5-7 yrs. If I have radiation now or post surgery, I cannot have radiation if the cancer starts up again. Also by removing the prostate, we know for sure how wide spread the involvement. I am told that the side effects of radiation are much more severe on urinary and erectile functioning than robotic surgery.

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1 - you have time to ask questions and find the best doctors with the best treatments

2 - I would talk to a radiologist who has TOMO IMRT available - I just completed 3 months of hormone therapy, HDRT combined with Chemo followed by 5 weeks of TOMO external beam radiation combined with Chemo and am confident that I am cured - my situation was more advanced than yours PSA 5.6, T3a stage and six biopsy cores with Gleason 9 100% involvement - no sign of metastatic issues

3 - it appears to me that for most cases TOMO or TOMO combined with HDRT treatment is safer, has less side effects and is more effective than surgery or even surgery with external beam radiation - a good radiologist should be able to help you make this decision

4 - My side effects were very minor and my recovery has been very quick in spite of having very advanced prostrate cancer and very aggressive treatment

5 - my treatment was done at Long Beach Memorial under a phase two trial run by Dr. Roberty Nagourney of Rational Therapeutics - a genius - and Dr Syed at LBM


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