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Disconfort on right hand side of abdomen

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Hi, Can anyone stage III tell me if even under remission do patients still feel a disconfort in abdomen, do they experience gas and a little constipation? Is any of that normal? or in remission is everything suppose to be "perfect". What worries me most is that I see my Mom all day touching the right hand side of her abdomen. I ask her and she sometime says that she feels a disconfort or that she has gas.

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Has your Mom had surgery? If so, that can cause discomfort due to scar tissue. I also had discomfort and it turned out to be a hernia from the surgery. Once a person has had cancer, every little thing is a worry. If it is bothersome to her, have it checked out. Best of luck to your Mom.

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Yes actually she has had 2 surguries 1 was in october 2005 when dx and the 2nd one was in July 2oo6, 7 months after.

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I know lots of woman that have pain, so it could be nothing. Does she still see the Dr on a regular visit. If not she could at least see her local Dr. As shortstuff aaid adhesions, hernia, constipation, gas and lots of things can be causing the pain. But again if you are really worried have her check it out.

Prayers N Hugs Bonnie

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Hi Bonnie, yes she sees the Dr, evey 3 months, I was thinking it could be adhesions.. but since gas and constipation are also alert signs of ovca it is so confusing.

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Lizper, I would have it checked-out just like all the other ladies have suggested. I still have lower back pain, and pain to my sides from my original dx. Good luck and prayers are being said for your Mom...smiles and (((hugz)))..Joanne

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thanks floridajo, what stage are you and when was your dx? So this pain has been there ever since? I can tell my Mom has days that it's there and other like she almost forgets about it.

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I had a lot of pain on occasion after my surgery, so bad sometimes that I almost doubled over, and certainly gasped, but it's much better as I get farther away from it. Adhesions can always been a problem, so talk to your mom's doctors about it. I remember writing down "gas" when I was making a list of questions to ask of my doctor, but secretly I was terrified it was much more-it really felt terrible!

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Hi! I'm new to the forum. How did the discomfort issue turn out? I have been experiencing some abdominal tenderness and it's been about 5 months after my last surgery. I had a CT scan done a little early because of my concern and it showed nothing. I have appt with oncologist tomorrow and get CA125 results.

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