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Good news today!

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Hello everyone, Well, I couldn't wait to get home and report my good news to my friends! My CA-125 has stayed at 17!!!!! I couldn't believe it! You all know how happy I feel. My doctor said that all of the rest of my tests are normal. And, he said: "You're too healthy to be here." Ha. Anyway, he did remind me that he is hoping against hope that I will stay in remission for at least six months. Sometimes I wish he didn't have to always remind me 'that it will be back.' But, anyway, I'm going to totally enjoy this next month. I'm sure that the week before my next test, I will start getting scared and all emotionally upset again......but that seems to be a part of this horrendous disease. Thanks to all of you wonderful girls who have been praying and hoping for me to get some good news! I hope everyone is feeling good tonight, and that each of you will enjoy your week-end. I know I sure will! With love and gratitude, MichaelaMarie

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YIPEE, KEELIE!! I'm so happy for you. And I know what you mean by the 'merry-go-round' effect - the anxiousness before tests then waiting for results. But now you can rest and enjoy the moments in your life with this good news. Thank God for all His wonderful blessings!

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MichaelaMarie, this is wonderful news. I am so glad for you!! I know the roller coaster well. The very last CT scan Mom had, well I had to go pick up the report. I brought it home and I was stalling Mom not knowing what the news would be. Luckily, I was so good at stalling she fell asleep and I read the report. Well, it said no cancer had come back anywhere, so I whooped and hollered until Mom woke up and told her the news. We had many months of Mom wondering if/if not. I am also on roller coaster myself because I go for MRI's every three months for my spine. I have found that everything does indeed seem much sweeter like all the songs say when you go through things like this. I sure don't sweat the small stuff anymore.I don't even care if my room caves in, I'll just go pitch a tent somewhere and be glad that I can watch the sun come up for another day. My best to you, Keelie!! Cindy

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That is wonderful news! Thank you for posting it right away. It shows that a rise doesn't always mean the cancer is taking off. Enjoy this remission and remember the Drs have to tell you that and they don't know -- you may stay in remission. My sister had been a 6 for a long time and climbed to a 17 but has stayed there for several years.

Many prayers of thanksgiving being said for you.

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Good for you MM! You really put things in perspective for me too! It made me feel better after reading your post.
Take care and Hugs! Jan

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Well, I slept better last night than I have in more than a week! Thanks so much Monika, Bonnie, Cindy and Jan for your encouragement! I'm so inspired by what each of you had to say. In fact, today I want to start exercising again, start paying closer attention to a better diet, etc., etc. Sad to say about myself, but when I get depressed, I start eating very badly, stop exercising and allow myself negative thoughts! It's terrible! But, I'm so happy this morning that I feel renewed and positive! And, it's even raining (surprise) here in Oregon this morning! Winters here have always been difficult for me - the lack of sun - but with this disease, well, you can imagine. Once again, to all of you, thank you for being there for me, as I am for you. Hey, I have a little over an inch of hair now! Unfortunately, my hair doesn't grow very fast, like somewhere between a 1/4 and 1/2 of an inch a month. I have two friends here (without cancer and chemo) that have hair that grows at least an inch each month! As kinky curly as my hair was when it came back in two years ago, it is coming in straight and coarse this time. Has anyone out there had this same experience? My vote is for the straight hair, which surprises me, because my daughter has extremely curly hair and I always use to tell her to be so grateful! ha Well, I'll stop this "book" now........Gratefully yours, MichaelaMarie aka Keelie.

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MM aka Keelie: I'm so glad we can all be here for eachother. What goes around comes around and we all need that 'inspiration' from time to time.

My hair is about 1/2" long. I had it 'shaped' and colored about 4 weeks ago, but I'm not quite ready to go sans wig just yet to work. I don't wear one at home, or sometimes I even go wigless to the store. In 2000 it seemed my hair came back so much better. This time it's much coarser and curlier. So, I'll wait till it's a little longer and I can style it better. But no matter what, it's nice to be getting hair back!

Have another restful night, MM. Pleasant dreams!


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Keelie, I'm new here but wanted to say yahooo,I'm doing back flips for your great news...enjoy this time!!!! floridajo

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Awesome news for you!! It lifts my spirit to hear your good news. Do something special for yourself cause you sure earned it! Hope remission sticks around for a long, long time for you!
Angels surround you....roann

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