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Cost of Neupogen injections?

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Does anyone have any idea how much Neupogen injections cost?

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mine runs $3,650.00 per injections.

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I had one but haven't seen any bill. My onc says the effect only lasts a few days. This last time I had Neulasta which lasts longer but you can't have chemo for two weeks after ( I took an extra week off to visit our son in nyc so it worked out well). I may get a rude awakening on costs after the insurance is done paying its part but so far most of the costs are paid by ins.


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I had to take Neupogen from treatment #3 until 12. My 5 days of shots cost 1700.00, and I paid a $30 co-pay. I hope this helps.
Best wishes,

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Joined: Jun 2006

Thanks for the replies. It surprises me at the variance in cost, but maybe it has to do with dosage amount, etc. I appreciate everyone's input.

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Hi Pepper -

The huge cost variance probably has more to do with negotiated rates with various insurance companies. I am constantly stunned by the theoretical billed amounts from my "in-network" doctors vs the network paid amounts. I figure the billed amount is just the max amount some health plan out there somewhere will pay. (Of course dose enters in, but I would bet the variance in insurance negotiated rates plays a larger role.) I think the only people that pay full price are the uninsured (or the insured who go out of network). It's kind of sad, really.

That said, dose amount make a big difference too. The prices on drugstore.com ( which generally has relatively low prices ) are all over the place, depending upon the amount of drug.

FYI - I never had to have anything for WBC or RBC during chemo, so it is not a guarantee that you will need this.


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