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This is my seconed time with cancer and I have had surgery twice. Ihad a reaction to carbo. now they want me to try Doxil. I,m scared. I aalready have a lot of the side effects now and am worried about it getting worse. I have had cancer since Nov.27 2001.

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(((HUGS))) and prayers your way. I understand being afraid. But how wonderful to be here and it's been 5 years.

Now about the doxil, eat ice during infusion and avoid everything hot for 5-7 days following treatment. It causes hand/foot syndrom and rashes. I had a 3 month remission after the doxil but some woman I know get a really long remission. I know it is a hard one to tolerate because the rash so follow all the preventatives right off the bat.

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I reacted badly to Doxil, but the doctors didn't forwarn me to avoid heat. In fact, they are treating 4 other women, successfully, who havn't had Any side effects except some fatigue...from Doxil. I also had surgery and chemo in '01 and am so greatful to have just celebrated my 5th year as a survivor. It's not easy dealing with the cancer returning, I really feel for you. Good luck and God Bless. Remember cool showers, baths, coffee, tea, food, all of it..at least 10 days. (I got a rash on day 7 after a hot shower)

Echo Bonnie, Hugs and Prayers!


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Hi peamaw. I agree with Paula and Bonnie. I was dx in spring 05, first line chemo didn't work so now I am trying Doxil which I am not sure is working. Doxil is discontinued until I have my assessment, CT and blood work. I was in the 20-30% group who gets hand foot syndrome. This month (after third treatment) is not so bad because I chewed on ice and wrapped my hands around a large glass of ice during the infusion. Next time I am going to try an ice pack around my ankles. Mine lasted all month so I am more careful now about staying away from warm water baths, sunshine, warm foods and drinks. I try to stay as cool as possible. I hope you are one of those who finds doxil easy and that it works for you, but first time around, just to be sure, try the ice. That first time around with new chemo is scarey but remember that the chemo nurse is well trained and taking good care of you. Good luck and let us know how you make out. Winni

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