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incontinence pads

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Thank God my incontinence is very minor at this point. I'm still using the same pad I started out with, Serenity for men. They are very good but way more than I need now. I'm at one pad a day and it never even comes close to being saturated. What are some good light pads to use? I think it won't be too long before I won't need any, but in the mean while, I'd like something lighter and more comfortable. I thank you in advance for your experience and advice.
JD Smith
Jamestown NY

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Glad to hear that your control is improving. I no longer need regular pads either. I know use a female pad "Always Ultra Thin Super". They come 40 to a pack. I buy the ones without wings as they adhere very well to your shorts. They are very light even though they are called super. Regulars work well also and are a little lighter. I have never had a leak and they are not as hot and a lot more comfortable than the Depends for men. Russ

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Howdy there, JD. Dittos to Edmund's reply. I'm very fortunate that I haven't had to use pads since about 1 1/2 months after surgery. I switched to similar pads that Edmund suggested when Serenity for Men were no longer necessary and became too uncomfortable. Being a guy who never even wore drawers before, those pads were a nuisance. The smaller ladies pads did the trick for catching the occasional 'stress leak' without feeling like I was trying to smuggle contraband into the office. And you can carry a few spares in your hip pocket if needed without them being too noticable.
Hope this helps, pal, and wishing you a quick and thorough recovery.

Keep The Shiny Side Up!
Vic Hebert

Maurice, LA

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Hi Jd,

I just used the Assurance liners that you can get at any Wal-Mart store and they worked well for me. It has been a long time since I have needed them but they did the job for me.

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Thank you all for the good information. I'm glad to hear you all seem to be doing so good, that's good news. I actually forget to put a pad on the other morning, by the time I realized it, I figured, what the hay, try the day without it. To my surprise, I came home from work dry. I know there will be times when I do heavy lifting or coughing etc. I may get a drop or so, I can deal with that.
Thanks again guys.

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