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The Return!!!

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I had surgery on Jan. 30, 2006. I went back to my Onc. in Feb. for the 2 week checkup. He told me that everything was clear, boy was I happy. Well, by the first of March I was having the symptoms like I had before the surgery. I also had some bleeding for no reason(had hysterectomy in 2004); called the Onc. , he had me come in and as I was afraid of, it's back! The spot is small and he wants to watch it closely, couldn't find a reason for the unusual bleeding, I'm still scheduled to go back in June unless I start bleeding again. I was surprised that it could come back so soon. If it has changed in June, he will do a biopsi. Hopefully there will be no cancer, just VIN III, which is bad too. Has anyone else had it to return so soon?

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I had surgery Mar 8,2006 after surgery everything looked good until my 5th week checkup, mine is back too and it is small but I have to have surgey again May 31,2006 and I am not even healed yet. I also had a hysterectomy in 1991. I never heard of this until I got it. Said I had HPV and also VIN III and it turned into cancer. So I am scared to death again, what if it comes back again? I only had the right side of my vulva taken off the first time, this time it is at the bottom. At least I have a great Onc. and this is all he specializes in.

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I know what its like to always worry/wonder if VIN III/cancer will come back. Unfortunately, it will. Once you have HPV (which I do),you will always have it. I am going in on July 5th for my 3rd surgery. It will be laser this time. It is the worst timing. My husband has been in Iraq for about a year now and is scheduled to come home at the end of August. Mine is also at the bottom this time and is perianal. I know it will be a long painful recovery and I was so looking forward to being w/ my husband again. I did tell him tonight (I wasn't going to so he didn't worry) and he is fine w/ it. I guess I have been lucky w/ the reoccurence. My first laser was 1994. Second surgery(wide local excision)was 1999. Now the 3rd is next week. My Onc. is very thorough. I trust him w/ my life. I can tell you that if you are a smoker this will certainly make it come back faster. I smoked for 13 yrs, quit for 5 yrs and started again 2 yrs ago -- now its back. I really have no one to blame but myself. xyl1985, you sound like me. I have had the right side removed as well. Luckily, my Onc. is great and it doesn't look too bad. Have you had the laser? Its been 12 yrs since I had it and can't remember how bad it was or how long the recovery is. I know I will be off of work for 2-4 wks ( I sit all day at a computer). All I can remember is it is very painful.

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Yes I had surgery sept 05, again march 06 and its back again

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