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Mistaken Diagnosis

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I had the RP in September 2004 after it was confirme I had prostate cancer. I chose this route due to fact I was only 41 years old and all indications were the cancer should not have spread. Post surgery pathology verified the cancer had not spread to the surrounding reagions and the tumor was confined to one lobe.(gleason 6, psa 4.2 before surgery). In June 2005 my PSA rose to 0.5. I underwent an transrectal ultral sound to biopsy the tissue in the prostate bed area. Test results indicated there was some benigned residual prostate tissue possibly causing the reading. In September 2005 my psa rose to 0.7. I was referred to a radiation oncologists at Moffitt in Tampa for radiation theraphy to the prostate bed area. The radiologist suggested I should have a MRI of the prostate bed as well as my right hip area(I had been experiencing hip pain for approximately three years). The MRI revealed an abnormal area on the right trochanter(hip) previously diagnosed as brusitis. The radiation oncologists immediately diagnosed it as metastatic bone disease, indidcating the cancer was more than likely already in the skeletal system. He prescribed casodex and Lupron and discounted radioation treatment. I refused to accept this diagnosis and obtained a second opinion from New Hope cancer center. The oncologist stated he did not agree with the initial diagnosis without further testing ( I agreed and insisted on additional dianostic testing). A CT scan was ordered and the New Hope radiologists stated there was the possibility of metastatic disease however a biopsy should be done. This radiologists correlated two bone scans I previously had and stated there was no change between the two exams done about four months apart. I knew this was incorrect because I had reviewed the films myself and there was clearly a spot on the latest bone scan not on the first one. I retuned to Moffit and underwent a bone biopsy of the abnormal area last week. Today I received the results indicating the abonormal on my ip was NOT bone cancer. It appears the psa reading is being caused by benigned residual prostate tissue or possibly residual tumor in the prostate bed area. I will have anoter psa test in three months. At that time WE will decide on whether or not to have radiation to the prostate bed area. The lesson learned here is you must questioned, verify, challenge and be in integral part of your treatment. Had I listened to the initial radiaton oncologists, I would have been preparing for a much shorter life expectancy (18-24 months before the cancer cells became refractory typically in someone at my age.

Keep the faith my brothers and never never give up!

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I totally agree with your message and I come from a family of doctors who believe their diagnosis should not be challenged. Always challenge it. It is our life not theirs.

However I am in similar situation to you with a residual psa after RP and EBRT. All medical opinion is agreed that I have benign tissue giving the reading 0.3+/- 0.05 for the last 18 months. But I am also taking an alternative diet of organic food, no diary, I should not be be on the booze but am. However I will be going on a no booze and essiac tea detox after the end year festivities for 6 weeks before my next psa test in mid feb.

This has rambled on but my point perhaps its worth you trying a regime to reduce the psa.

Best wishes

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