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Decreasing PSA after RP

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Six weeks ago I had a RP and I just had my first PSA and it is 0.1. Before the RP it was 12.6 with a Gleason score of 6 and T1C Is there a chance that my PSA will go down more in the future?

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Congratulations barnes,

I hope you are progressing with recovery well. Your PSA will probably continue to decline, however, the reading a lab is able to give is dependent on the instruments being used. i.e. for some labs the lower limit of measurement may be 0.10 or it may be 0.01. In either case I would consider the results of your initial test VERY positive. My Dr. indicated that some minor retention of PSA is possible for a time following surgery.

Congratulations again on becoming a survivor.


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Roger Thanks for the encouragement. I was a little disappointed as I had seen where a lot of the PSA's were 0.01, however my Doctor at Barnes is not concerned at this time and will check it again in 6 months. I am doing great. Thanks again

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Barnes...my PSA readings after RRP in May 2004 have all been reported from my lab as <0.1 (less than 0.1), or virtually "undetectable." As I understand, there is also an ultrasensitive assay that can report results to two or even three decimal places. Were your results reported as 0.1 or <0.1? I think you may be getting an "undetectable" result, as well. If so, it means you have no detectable (by that lab test) PSA at this time. Congratulations.


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My PSA is <0.1 My Dr didn't explain it to me like you did but your explanation is really encouraging. Thanks

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Give yourself some more time. You will have to believe in yourself. Think about where you were pror to RP and where you are now. My PSA was 19.5 and Gleason of 4/3 and T2. All is good after 2 yrs. Even if all was not well, I would defeat it, as I have all my fellow PC survivors to support me. Keep up the faith.
Dakota Runner

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Great News Barnes
I've just been diagnosed with p/c. My doctor has scheduled an appointment at Emory University for a second opinion on the biospies, ct scan, and bone scan. Only one of ten biopsies revealed cancerous cells at this time, so I'm praying the cancer is confined to the prostate. He is advising r/p with an attempt to spare the nerves.
If you don't mind me asking, what proceedure did you have and how did you conclude this was the right choice? What were the complications resulting from your surgery?
Take care and keep the faith.

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I haven't been on this site for awhile and just noticed your message. I never really had any choice as my prostate was super enlarged (80 grams)and implants nor radiation was an option. Also Lap surgery wouldn't work with that size of prostate so RP was my choice. I am doing great with 99% control of my bladder and it is still too early for me to comment on the impotencey.

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