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Natural remedies/Alternatives

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Emily, Sue - I understand you are the gals to "speak to" about a healthy cancer diet. Currently stage III colon cancer, 2/27 lymph nodes involved. Just finished #5/6 treatments and I am interested in augmenting my chemo (and my life & diet after) to beat this thing. You both come highly recommended and your help & insights would be appreciated whenever you can spare the time. Many thanks.

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Hi Shoda. I know I am far from being the "all-knowing" on nutrition & natural remedies but I can most definitely give you a great place to start.

First, go pick up a couple of books on cancer and nutrition. One I can name off the top of my head is "Beating Cancer With Nutrition," by Dr. Patrick Quillin. Also, read back a few pages and someone started a list of books that are good reads in regards to nutrition. One, I think, was "The Maker's Diet" or something close to. Go look for those.

Then, you can start adding great foods and eliminating bad foods. It is overwhelming at first, I know. I've started getting lax again and need to remind myself of these things. Remember that a diet closest to plant source is best for us.

Cutting out processed foods as best we can is another great place to start. Cut out white sugar, white flower, artificial sweetners, etc. If you think of things in terms of what processes things go through you will be starting off good. We want as close to natural as possible.

Juicing is often a great way to get nutrition. I know it gave me much needed energy after I finished chemo and just wasn't bouncing back all of the way. If juicing is something you are interested in, I now there are some great recommendations from this board as to type and make.

Good luck.

Congratulations on making this first step. I wish I would have made it sooner.

Hope this helps get you started,


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Hi Shoda,


I am Stage lll sigmoid colon 2/19 lymph zero mets. FOUR years survival NO CHEMO!!!!!

Hows them apples? :-)

I would echo patricia's advice of cutting out ALL WHITES: sugar, grains, flours etc. NO processed foods at all. No fast foods. No "convenience foods". No red meats (unless organic grass fed but even for colon cancer no red is best). IMO.

You want to avoid "acid" foods. Check out acid vs alkaline info. Cancer lives in an acid environment. It cannot live in an alkaline. Drugs, sugar, cocoa, beer, antibiotics, processed cheese, ice cream, psychotropics, coffee, Aspartame, are all highly acidic and should be eliminated.

Now, you have to understand that I am not licensed. I am not a professional. I am "only" a survivor who has spent the last 4+ years researching unendingly about healing cancer through alternatives measures. I do not know it all.....I am only scratching the surface. I share what I know.

I can tell you my credentials include losing a sister to intestinal cancer 12 years ago. I watched her go through tortuous measures with Western allopathic medicine. When I was handed my own dx 4 years ago I knew there HAD to be a better way. For me there has been. Wether I am healed "for life" does not matter at this point b/c for today I have no fear of secondary cancers, nor do I experience peripheral neuropathy, I never had mouth sores, my hair did not thin or fall out, I have not damaged my heart or kidneys and I have had no recurrence to date. And my life has never been better. Toxic living takes its toll in many ways.

So, I cannot help you in the chemo gig except the advise about getting Beating Cancer with Nutrition by Quillin. He helps one navigate through the supplement/chemo waters that many oncologists are not keenly schooled. I have read differing opinions on this board from various posters in regards to what their oncs tell them about taking antioxidents and such.

From my research I find the juicing seems to have a higher success rate in cure or remission. Enzymes --- especially digestive enzymes also seem to pop up consistently. You get live enzymes in juicing. I am currently reading a book by Charlotte Gerson-- THE GERSON THERAPY who is the daughter of juicing's grand-pooba guru, Max Gerson. She runs a clinic on the West Coast.

Plant based diets, to me, make the most sense. GREEN = LIFE. It's that simple. I use Barleans Greens every day in my carrot juice concoction.

Here are some websites for you:





the last one is by a man whose wife was sent home to die and cured her cancer by juicing. She wrote a fabulous book A Cancer Battle Plan by Anne Frahm. He followed up with A Cancer Battle Plan Sourcebook which is the "how-to". She did eventually die from a liver disease due to her many many blood transfusions given her during chemo and such. Bittersweet. But the point is she LIVED cancer free due to her juicing. The damage done at the hands of Western Meds dealt her the final blow.

Well this should get you going. Feel free to email me on here for more info or keep the dialogue going here too. Whatever. :-)

hope this helps.

peace, emily who never regrets her decision-ever.

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