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Dealing with telling family

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My girlfriend was diognosed one month ago with CML. We had only been dating a short time and this was a very hard thing to deal with. I talked to my parents about this but did not tell her they new. She met them and found out afterwards that i had told them. She was not mad about me telling them it was that i did not tell her about it before she met them. Now she feels uncomfortable about this and i have to try and fix this. Does anyone have any sugestions on how i can help her with this? I am willing to do anything and told her i will respect her deciscion no matter what. Please if you have any advise let me know i need to try and fix this for her.

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I could totally understand her point, that she wanted them to know HER, not her CONDITION, per se. But what you did should truly show her how committed you are to her. By involving your family, you are offering her additional support which is HUGE! There can never be enough people around to be on your side when battling cancer. There is strength in numbers. Just explain to her that you told them probably for several reasons:

Maybe that you wanted them to understand her potentially fragile state prior to meeting her, and for them to be more friendly towards her. Maybe you told them in order to help YOU cope with things better. Turning to the people who raised you is a great way to enlighten your own mind and heart. Finally, maybe you told them in order to open her up to a welcoming group of people who will help her get through potentially rough days. Regardless, what is done is done, and in the long run, your intentions were good. I'm sure she will come to terms with it as your relationship grows.

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