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HPV Positive- Please help!

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A month ago i had an abnormal pap. They did a HPV blood test for "high risk" hpv types and found i had all thirteen high risk types. 16, 18, 31, 33, 35, 39, 45, 51, 52, 56, 58, 59 or 68. I am only 21 and have been with my current b/f for well over a year and on and off for 3. I think i am still in shock since i found this info out today- has anyone else been diagnosed with all 13? and if so did cervical cancer come into the picture? I just had my first pap in over 2 years, the one before when i was 19 or 18 also came back positive for HPV but in the wart form- i am not sure if i still had these strands then. WHat is the likely hood that i have cervical cancer? and is it common to have all forms? or am i in serious doo doo?

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i didn't know they could check for hpv by blood test, but if you had an abnormal pap and are positive there are other test a good gyn should be doing like a colposcopy or a leep. these test should be able to tell you the severity of your hpv and i can't tell people enough early detection of any problems be it cancer or not is so important because there are so many options, treatments out there. good luck

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I have a friend who's sister has HPV and a lot of women she knows has HPV. They don't have cervical cancer. DO NOT ask for a leep!!!!!!!! that is not a test for HPV it is a procedure that removes abnormal cells using laser. Did you have abnormal/precancerous cells? Go to a good GYN, he/she will do a coloscopy, it is just vinegar on the cervix under a microscope it shows any abnormal cells. I don't know how common it is to have all forms of HPV. Everyone is different. But I wouldn't say you're in serious doo doo until you are diagnosed with cancer. I hope that you are well and stay well. Manage and keep a watchful eye on your HPV and stay strong and healthy. Condoms are key ;-)
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