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Ovarian Cancer?????

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I went to the Dr a month ago with severe stomach problems. Cramping contipation, diarria, bloating and not feeling well. While being examed the Dr said I needed an ultrasound because my left ovary was large and my uteris was large. I had the utrasound and they found a cyst that has completely replaced my overy and is 7.7 cm by 6.6 cm. I was sent to the GYN and she has scheduled a hystererctomy. She talked a lot about cancer and told my I had to have the abdomal surgery because if it is cancer I will have to have lymph nodes and possable other things removed at that time. I am still having stomach problems passing blood. I can't eat much if I do I have pains. This kind of comes and goes. I will have two or three good days then three or four bad. I would like to know if these are anyone elses symptoms? I and not afraid of finding cancer. I just wish I knew what I was faceing and when I am going to feel better. My surgey isn't until Aug 24th and I don't know if I can wait that long to be in pain and not know if my stomach is a seperate issue.

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Hi! I wish you the very best. Did your Dr say that it was coming from the ovary? Did they do a Cat Scan,also did they do a CA-125? Is this DR an Oncological Gyn or do you have that much faith in that DR? These are Questions that need to be answered. Aug 24 is a along way off! Is the blood coming from your bowels or the vagina? A CAT Scan will show more that the ultra sound. I have ovarian cancer and very little symtoms. I had two masses, one 15.4x11.9x.3cm by 11.9 and one 9.3x7.4x4.1cm. I did start having pain alittle over a week before I went to the DR and had surgery a week later. I was told that I had about a 50-50 chance on it being cancer. Read and find out as much as you can. You may have time for a second opinion and then go with the DR you perfer. I hope that it is not cancer but if it is, don't think that your life is over. There is just going to be some bumps on the road. Best of Luck!! My prayers are with you! Paula

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The blood is from my bowels. I am going to a regular gyn. I didn't know there was an Oncological GYN. They have done no other testing other than the ultrasound. The report doesn't say what kind of cyst is there. I have a small folicular one in my right ovary. Also I have a utrasound done in 2004 and the cyst was there but the size was 4.2 cm by 4.1cm. Also all the test I have had done on my stomach have showed nothing. Did your testing say it was a mass or a cyst? Mind says cyst so I don't know if that makes any difference. What would you do if you were me? I wish you the best and thanks for replying to my message

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This is Paula again. My ultrasound showed 2 large masses. They immedately did the CTof my pelvis and abdomen w/wo contrast. One mass was with cystic component and the other mass was solid. It sounds like to me that you may need to see a Gastroenterologist,also. Have you ever had a colonoscopy? You need to find out what is causing your bleeding. Has your DR said anything about that? I can't see the cyst doing that. I'm not a doctor though. If your not satisfied with your DR or have faith in him, go to another DR. It's your body and your life and you have that right. They do have Gynecological Oncologists and if the DR thinks it's cancer, it's recommended to see one. My DR is just a GYN so I see him and an Oncologist. My GYN is super. He doesn't rush you and will answer all your questions. When I had the CA scan he stayed in the room with me and talked for about an hour. Even though I love my DR I did go to M.D. Anderson in Houston to get checked out. I'm in a clinical trial from there. It does sound like you need a DR to answer some of your questions. The surgery is not fun and you need to know alittle more about what to expect. Good Luck! Paula

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I know what you are feeling right now, but Paula is right. There are so many other tests that should be done before it is concluded that you need a hysterectomy. An OB/GYN oncologist would be a good start, and he may be the one to order a colonoscopy, which would also be an important tests given your symptoms.

My ovarian cancer was 'symptomless'. The only reason I was going to have surgery was due to a uterine fibroid. But they found that the cyst on the ovary (which was detected several different ways) was cancerous. So, in that respect, I am very blessed that it was caught when it was.

I would also push for a CA125 test (blood test). While it would not be conclusive in itself, it would be an important part of the whole picture, and would also be a baseline for future tests.

Please keep us informed. This site is loaded with wonderful, caring people, and tons of information. Don't get too overwhelmed, though. Take this one thing at a time. Get some other tests, get a good doctor, and GET SOME REST! Our prayers are with you!


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Hi Mopar, I am new to the Cancer Survivor network. If there are any questions I can answer for you ,pls let me know. I also had Ovarian cancer,and yes what you are being told is correct.This is beatable, I am proof of that.Stay strong and positive and you will get the strength you need to get thru this. It has made me a stronger person.
Best Of Luck,

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The advice you've gotten from Paul and Monika is sound. Please try to see a gynecologic oncologist as soon as you can. A CA-125 test is certainly in order.

One of the most important things is to get a clear diagnosis as soon as you can, whatever it is that is causing you concern, and many doctors are quick to pass over a possible diagnosis of ovarian cancer because it can have so many different symptoms. I found out that the leg swelling I had was a symptom, along with the excessive vaginal bleeding, bloating, and just darned right not feeling good for months.

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If it is at all possible go to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester,MN. that is where I was sent by my DR. and I am now a 12 year survivor of ovarian cancer.

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PLEASE PLEASE listen to these emails, you must have the ca125 test and find gyno oncologist. I was told by my regular gyno that they were going to remove my tube and ovary on the left side--which at the time seemed like the worst thing possible since i am 32 years old without childern. What they thought was a cyst turned out to be a malignant tumor. I was very lucky to have a wonderful NEW doctor who was able to save all of my organs but got out all of the cancer....plus 3 weeks too long for you to wait!! Please keep us posted.....my thoughts and prayers will be with you.

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Please go see a gynecologic oncologist. Do not allow a gynecologist to do this surgery. You should see a specialist ASAP. IF it's cancer - and it's still a big if - studies have confirmed that the outcome will be infinitely better if surgery is done by a gynecologic oncologist. Call your gynecologist and tell her/him you want a second opinion from a gynecologic oncologist and ask for a recommendation. NO doctor should refuse this. If you can't get a recommendation from your doctor, you can get a list of gyne/oncs in your city by visiting www.sgo.org. (the Society for Gynecologic Oncologists web site).

Good luck,

4+ year survivor of Ovarian Cancer

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Hi there, I had 2 surgeries. My first one was for what ended up being a 3 lb tumor and they also removed my right ovary and tube. That was done by a gynocologist. Than when it came back as malignant, I was told she ruptured it while removing it. So my second surgery was done by a Gycno/Onc. and I wish I would have went to him the first time. All is well now, but it was the scariest 3 weeks of my life knowing something went so terribly wrong during my first surgery. God bless and keep us posted. skyblue

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May I ask what type of cancer you had?

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