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I am taking Ultrase18 enyzymes for digestion...I am not able to gain weight past a certain number.Has anyone who has had a portion of their stomsch remonved had any success with enzymes that has helped them gain weight. I am told what I am experiencing is "malabsorbtion"...My email is ccassar@parkell.com

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Dear jzember

My operation was on 11-11-2003 so I am coming up on 2 years....Prior to the operation I was 152 lbs. I went down to 117 lbs..I am now at 128 lbs...I can eat full meals without discomfort..I find that I can eat just about anything I want with the exception of milk based products.I find that I have become Lactose intolerant.
My problem is not quantity although if I eat too much I get intestinal distention..I too eat as many carbs as possible and late time snacks...by the way because my body fat was 6% prior to the operation I lost much muscle which I am building back....I guess I have to be patient and wait......just to give you some before and afters,

Chest 40'' / 37'' waist 34" / 31" are just two examples....I wonder what would happen if I stopped taking the enzymes...

Thank you for your comments



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I had my stomach reduced in size due to cancer last August. At first eating was hard, but as time goes by it got much better. I took enzymes for a brief time but my doctor stopped them when I started to gain some weight. If your surgery was very recent time may be what you need more than anything. I have gained 30 pounds in the last year. Try to find foods high in carbs and fat that you can tolerate. I have found Ramen Noodles to be a good food for me. I have them twice a day. Eat as often as you can. Every couple of hours if you can. I have also found beer to work. Good luck.

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mv1959...Thank you for your reply....the part of your stomach removal...was the upper or lower...mine was the lower where the vagus nerve and sphfincter is located...as a result I am told that gainging weight is difficult without these parts....I have leveled out at 125 lbs. and desperately trying to gain another 10 lbs....what type of enyzmes did you take...please let me know by sending yor reply to ccassar@parkell.com

Thank You

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