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My husband has had his G-tube for 6 weeks post surgery and we start radiation on Thursday. He has started to have some bleeding around the tube..is this normal? We are not sure what to expect.....thanks for any help and words of wisdom for starting radiation....thanks for any help...sdawe

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Hi! My boyfriend had the same thing. As he started getting over treatment he got more active and the tube started bleeding. We were told that there are a lot of blood vessels in that area and everything is trying to heal. He also had bulging (looked like an outie belly button around the tube)that was normal healing too. Just watch for infection. His was red around it and needed a persription cream to clear it up. Hope some of this helps

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Thank you Adrien..this is very helpful. We have an appointment with a Gastro Dr. tommorrow to hopefully get some prescription cream. On another note... Did your boyfriend take amofostine? My husband had one treatment today and he is very nauseated....thanks for your help

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My G tube had the same bulging and some bleeding. I had it removed in April and it has healed to be virtually unnoticeable. The irritation came and went. Be careful not to snag it. I did. Yow! I am amazed at how the body adapts. As much of a pain in the butt that it is, the tube was a great help and allowed my throat to be left alone. It will be gone sooner than you imagine and all you will see will be a tiny pink spot. A second belly button is what I tell my grandson.
Your radiation will be eventually tiring, but it's a slow build so you will be in pretty good shape for most of it. When things did get rough in my throat, they gave me a potion called The Magic Mix. It was bright pink (it is part Pepto) and instantly coated and calmed the whole thing down. I had stage 3 throat cancer. My radiation and chemo treatments ended this February. My scans have been clear ever since.So think positive. It sounds trite asnd corny but it is the key!! Advances in the last few years are huge so history is less relevant than what you are doing right now. You are part of the new success rates. I am too!
All my love and best wishes to you and your family . Chris

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