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one hangs lower

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Hey guys,
Michael here. I noticed that one of my nuts hangs lower than the other. In texts, the animated diagrams always show the nuts hanging at the same level. Anyone else out there with a nut that hangs lower, and is there more of a chance to develop tumors this way. Is there a higher incidence of testicular cancer in a particular testicle? Thanks for the advice. Good luck and God bless to you all.

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Hi Jose,
Thanks for the 411 on my question. I will call the number if I have any further questions. Also, I did recieve your email. Stuff is really going crazy here and I have to place the small write-up about me, on hold. When I have it written, I will contact you. Thanks for your help.

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hey mc, sorry that was supposed to be its own thred down at the bottom, i was trying to delete it but cant seem to do it. i sear i posted on this board last night but its gone now, so here goes again. one always hangs lower than the other, thus allowing the male to close his legs. thats pretty much all it means. Now if you have one that lop side or feels strange somehow go get it checked out pronto.
let me know if you got any questions.
~Richard Cowie

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Thanks for the input Rich. Yes, I have seen textbooks and both nuts are even. But it makes sense. None of them feel strange and when I am in the shower and rub soap over them to check for lumps and bumps, I cant feel any, and there is no pain. It was just the fact that one hangs lower... not much... but noticeable. Thanks again.

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I had noticed my left one hangs  below the right and it was very slightly probably bigger tham the righ one too.And also I had noticed my scrotum hangs  low. This was years back. I sometimes used to thing if it is normal or unusual. I remember I had checked and tried to fell my both testicles and tried to weigh both in hands and fel the difference. Remember I wasn't aware of anything at all of T.C until I found a solid painless lump on my right one.

I didnt know or never even heard , if there is something T.C(I live in South-east Asia) untill I was diagnosed in 2013. After diagnosing with T.C, I did try to check in some websites asking expert urologists(didn't tell them I hwas diagnosed with T.C) to know if there is something that could relate to T.C. But none of agreed and says dont be concern.

 Let will tell one thing here clearly, never ever believe completely on what the doctors says. Probably only 10-20 percent of doctors take their profession seriously. Remember they're even humans and for sure humans will make mistake. Cannot blame the doctors, they just speak what they learned from the medical books and they case studies being done.Also remember till date science has been able to study and understand only just under 5% of human body and its function. 

 One mistake , I did not use the most useful info anyone can get at their finger tips is the usage of internet. I still regeret a lot, thinking why did not I try google and find an answer when I had back pain and T.C being one of the leading risk of cancer for men age b/w 15-35 years and common in white or fair men though never spoke in the country I live . I went to two different ortho doctors reporting a lower back pain and  one of the doctor who was even younger to me, gave a funny laugh at me when I told him that it is an unusual pain and didn't though really hurt. Instead 'googling' and finding to try the possibilities ,I who believed doctors a lot, just went straight to them reporting pain in back and later an unusual pain in my throat... But this is the truth, no one even bothered to listen to when I explained about the my symptoms. Your body is something only you can understand better and precious for you than anyone else in this world....

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I know how it is to have taken. But in June i just had my second one taken. Start chemo very soon . Not ready. Any advise

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