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Want another chat time and date?

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Joined: Oct 2003

I wanted to know if anyone wanted another chat time and date. Please reply if u are interested. Also if u are would u like it to have a topic cause i am up for sudjestions for topics for chats so that we can talk about anything but know there is an issue there to talk about if someone needs to. Let me know and I will schedual either 2 in one day so that all time zones are covered cause I know its hard for people to get into the chat at certian times but

I could do a one day thing where its at like 5 pm eastern and then 10 pm eastern

but let me know what u think!

or it could just be 2 different days or 2 different days with 2 times each day to chat with other young survivors...

Well I hope many will respond...



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Joined: Apr 2004

hey.. i def. wanna do another chat? hmm i think around 3-4 could be a good time for me. it's hard to say, i'm busy w/school and stuff.. i feel bad that i haven't been able to participate in any but it's a great idea!! <3 elana

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Hi, I just registered, and I am definitely interested in chat. Topics that would be great are early menopause and infertility after treatment. When I was first diagnosed, I never even thought about it, let alone preserving eggs or whatever. Chemo forced me into early menopause which is difficult enough, but I also can never have children again. Thank God I had my daughter before getting this awful disease, but I feel hopeless knowing that if I do survive this, that I cannot have another baby.

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Posts: 78
Joined: Oct 2003

Thanks for your responces I know that a few other users wanted an earlier chat due to time differences and all... I am hoping other users will let me know what they want to. Star as u know Im glad u found the site! and elana I am hoping to do more then one time in a day if more users post so it may end up being just one day with 2 different times so we will see hope more people reply so that I know others are reading this post...check back next week because I am hoping more will post by then and then I can get up a date.....


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hi shauna,
i just read ur user page and want to say ur not alone in ur thoughts and concerns. i too went through early menopause while going through treatment. thankfully, it reversed itself 6 months later. infertitlity is something i think of often. i just continue to hope and pray that i will be one of the luckly and blessed persons when the time is right.

gotta love those adirondacks. i live about 45 min's from there myself although i don't visit there often. do u live in the adirondacks?

take care

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Any time during the day Mon-Thurs. is good for me. I am in Alaska which is an hour earlier than California. So for most people that would be evening anyway. Let me know when you decide, Susan.

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