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lupron and sleeplessness

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I am 53 and had RP, chemo and 1 injection of Lupron. I have developed poor sleep. The Dr. says it is not the Lupron. Anybody have the same effect and what did you do? Thank God the shot is working and my PSA is down from 80 to .49.

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ask your pahrmicist if that is a side effect it could be cause it's a hormone or the chemo could also do it. as long as it's working then try to cat nap. my husband has the same problem. but some time the chemo knocks him out so hang tought.

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Your psa dropped from 80 to 49 or .49? I will soon be on Lupron so I can report on its side effects easier.

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My PSA went to point 49 (.49), less than one, with one shot!

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Clarification: I am no longer on chemo and have been off since January 2004. It slowed the growth but was not succesful. The only drug I am on is Lupron.

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Just a comment. I'm 73 & a half, post RP,Rads, & Lupron(30cc) for 2 yrs. Have no problem sleeping what-so-ever so I don't beleive thats the core of your sleeping problem.
Best of luck, Benji

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