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i failed the colonoscopy prep, need advice

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Well guys I failed the colonoscopy prep miserably. After starving myself all day, I started taking the phosphada soda (sp?) at 3:00 as stated by the directions, and 3 hours later at around 6:00 in the evening, I vomited everything! I called the nurse at that point and she tells me to immediately take the other half of the bottle,to which I did, but after about 2 minutes of drinking it, I vomited that too! Needless to say, I couldn't go through with the colonoscopy so now it's scheduled for 2 weeks from now. This time they are going to give me a antinausea medication to take just before drinking that "POISON" so hopefully that will keep me from getting sick. I honestly don't know if I'm going to be able to do it. I was just so so sick this past time. My little 100 pound frame just can't handle not eating all day and then to top things off, taking that nasty liquid. I have never tasted anything so FOUL in my life. Does anyone have any suggestions? I need to take this test to put my dad's mind at ease. He is currently undergoing treatments for stage 3 colon ca, so both he and the gi doctor who is also a good friend of mine, thinks I, along with my brother should have this test done.

Thanks for any advice guys,


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I was justwondering if that was the Fleet prep. I took that drink but I do remember adding it to gingerale. Also, I always hold my nose and swallow. UGH! I know these preps are just awful. I can't even get milk of magnesia down...Maybe you will have better luck with the nausea med. Take care.

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Hi Susana,

Sorry for your struggles. I have always had to drink something and have been successful with it, but never liking it. However, a friend of mine had a colonoscopy and her doctor prescribe "two little pills!" She said that did the trick. I have only heard of these from her, but it would be worth asking about.

Take care,


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Hi Susana,

I had the same problem. I vomited everything up within an hour of drinking it. Fortunately, I'm very small too and I guess enough remained to do the trick because I was able to have the colonoscopy. I was told that they have pills you can take if you can't drink that much liquid. I will be doing that next time. Sorry you have to go through the whole prep all over but it is important to get the test. It put my Dad's mind at ease too.

Best Wishes,

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Hey Suzanna, I can totally relate to what you had to do. I also threw up the Golytle prep and it was awful! So this time, they are giving me pills, visicol or something like that. I havent done it yet but you take 4 pills, drink fluids, take 4 more etc until you are done. I will post about it next week. I do this on Sunday for my colonscopy on Monday. It HAS to be better than the other junk. You definitely need to do this. Take care and I will post next week. Send prayers my way everyone that it is clear this time!

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Hi Susana,
I feel like I'm reading about my experience here...I used the phospho soda (1.5 oz) mixed with only 4.5 oz of Sprite for my first dose, then my doc has me do the second dose early a.m. I didn't much like the first dose, but literally pinched my nose and swallowed hard, The nausea kept at bay as long as I kept sippin Sprite til bedtime.
The A.m. dose was something different. As soon as it went down, I got really nauseaous, hurled up most of it and felt horribly sick until the IV was started. The ride to the hospital was one of the worst times of my life, puking every time I turned my head!
For my surgery prep, I decided to try the "Nu-litley" and that was even worse...hurling after a few glasses. Luckily, both times I got enough in.
I have my repeat colonoscopy scheduled for next Friday, and I'm obsessing myself silly about what to do. I got the phopho soda "compounded" at a special pharmacy, so I have 2 - 6 ounce doses of Pina Colada flavored stuff!!! but even a tiny taste of it made me feel queasy.
I may just go back to the good(?) old fashioned citrate of magnesia, which I took years ago for other unrelated surgeries, and I didn't seem to have this kind of trouble.
My doc's office said that the Visicol pills require a LOT of fluid drinking, which gives many small people trouble. It's 8 ounces of fluid with 4 pills, every 15 minutes for 5 doses. That's 48 ounces in a little over an hour.
You have my sympathy; we nearly had to cancel my surgery because of my prep problems. I'll be really happy to get through this somehow. Judy

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Hi Susana,
I have had 5 colonoscopies and none were easy. Over here in oz they give us stuff called colonlightly--I guess it is similar. The clinic here told me to drink it with "lemon" cordial mixed in. It sure is a lot to drink but the lemon taste definately made the taste of the stuff more palitable. All the best for the next test Susana, love n huggs , kanga n Jen

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Hello Susana,
Sorry to hear about your ordeal preparing for your test. The first time I had my colonoscopy I just dreaded it, but the advice the nurse gave me was to use a straw! It has worked really great and since I was diagnosed last Feb with stage 3 colon cancer I have had 2 catscans and using a straw made it more bearable! Try it the next time ! Best of luck to you!

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Hi, Susana -

Lots of good advice here. My two cents-worth:

First cent: Margarita Mix to mix it with.

Second cent: Pills

Bottoms up! (that sort of takes on a new meaning when you're drinking colonoscopy prep, doesn't it?)

- SpongeBob

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Hello Susana, Its easy to see we have all been there, done that with the Prep. I never realized I was so lucky! My DR likes Colyte, comes in a gallon jug. One hour prior to drinking the prep you take a Reglan pill, when you start drinking you are to drink eight ounces every ten minutes, if you feel nausea wait until the next ten minutes to drink. I did like sponge Bob, Bottom's up, when the prep is all down you take the next Raglan and a shower and go to bed.I slept well.I also do my little mental prep and I think this helps me. I hope you have better luck next time. REMEMBER its not easy but YOU can do it!!

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try adding some crystal light to help with the flavor. I did it and think it helps a bit. yea, the stuff is terrible.

Good luck. j

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