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please check it out...

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Hi all you wonderful semi-colons!

I have been a bit MIA of late but I just popped in tonight to share a new website with y'all:


It is full of info for cancer.

I just read an article about the woman who started it and after checking it our knew I had to share this....you know me! Miss InfoJunkie

May you all experience a wonderful day of improved health tomorrow. It is all we can ask for.

peace, emily who thinks about you often

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Hi Emily,

I definitely will check it out after I finish posting. I'm not as faithful as you about my diet, but everyone who knows me thinks I'm extreme. In fact, I even went to a nutritionist a couple of weeks ago and showed her Dr. Quillan's book. She said that the sugar theory has never been proven. Anyway, I let it go in one ear and out the other. She also told me that I didn't eat enough protein. After talking to me for an hour, she suggested I might benefit from taking Xanax (sp) since I seemed a little hyper!!! Ha~!

Keep the info coming!

Stay well,


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Thanks Emily--I will certainly check it out.
Hey Kay--kanga was a sugar junkie so I guess my cancer may have been "fed"--lol
Then again I was also a "milk" junkie and the latest reports here in oz are telling us a litre of milk a day helps keep cancer at bay.
Who they kiddin???--I drank over a lire a day for 40 years and still have the demon!
Then again I smoke too--tsk!, tsk!
Don't think they have proven yet if smoking thru one's arse causes cancer--lol(skusey me french!)
huggs guys, kanga n Jen

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Kay -

Xanax is baaaaaad joo-joo! Easy to form a habit (my ex was addicted). Ugh. Stay away from that stuff. Spend that extra energy at the gym or in the garden or pushing a lawn mower, or ironing your husband's shirts, or... OK, I was kidding about those last two (I'm really not a sexist)

- SpongeBob (who irons his OWN shirts and has for as long as he can remember - only I can get the creases just right)

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Hi Emily,
I always read your post and I do appreciate all the information you pass on. I try to learn all I can to make my life better and we have all learned knowledge is power.

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