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Update on Bob

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Hello Everyone!!! It's Sue again. You guys are probably really tired of hearing bad news from me as much as I am having to say it.

Well, we heard from Fox Chase last night and again bad news. After we started yelling at everyone. we finally got news. They are not able to help Bob out at all. They say that do to the liver involvement and the blood thinners he is on that it would be to dangerous for him to receive any treatments. Bob said that they just don't want to be responsible for killing him and letting him quit. I thought I was going to drop when I heard that. It was all I had to compose myself and continue the conversation. They want us to try the holistic route. I have spoken to Bob about this and he isn't thrilled with the idea as he doesn't think it will do any good as he feels if won't stop the cancer from growing. I have tried to convince him otherwise but so far to no avail. I have calls out already and I am only hoping I can find someone to come to us as it would be very difficult for me to get him to go to them. He was depressed before but he is really flatten now. He said that he hasn't given up he just doesn't have anything now to fight it with. I keep telling him that he doesn't need the chemo that he can help himself as you guys have all been telling me. I just wish I could convince Bob. I just wish that you guys could just reach through this box and punch him in the nose and wake him up!!! I haven't given up on the idea I just don't want to get into a fight with him over this. Anyone have any suggestions as to how to convice him that this is the way to go and that he can do this?

Well, Sorry for more bad news!!! I will be talking to his Dr. tomorrow to see if he has any ideas.

Thanks for listening!!!!

Please keep on praying for him!!!!


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Dear Sue,

I'm sorry for the news you received. Hopefully, Bob will keep fighting with a holistic approach.

Your family will be in our thoughts and prayers.


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Sue -

Please inform Bob that I will be taking some time off from work around Thanksgiving and I will be visiting the midwest. If his attitude has not improved by then, I intend to detour to Michigan (or wherever you guys are) and I will smack him so hard that the he won't need chemo, because te impact will knock the damn cancer cells right out of him.

I'm sure Emily can help you guys locate some herbalists and holistic practitioners in your area. In the mean time, I sugest you try ESSIAC tea. I don't have a website (although you can Google up hundreds of them) but here's the Real McCoy, the original, source's phone number: 800-668-4559. That's a good place to start. Read the history - It's AMAZING.

Now, in the mean time, is Bob going to the gym? That will help(a) build his immune system, (b) relieve some stress, (c) improve his overall health state (d) give him something to do. I know he's tired and run-down. Studies have shown that doing exerciseactually reverses that feeling of lethargy.

Tell him I said "Buck and move it Mister. No room for slackers and attitudes in the semi-colon ranks!"

- SpongeBob... uh... that's COMMANDER SpongeBob

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Dear Sue-what can we say babe. Kanga is going to go all out with a suggestion. I may touch here on a method which may no t be agreed by all--but what the hell. Jen and I both practice and believe in REIKI. We have done so for many years. As a "healing medium" it may not suit all beliefs but is truly used by both of us regularly. Type in REIKI on a search engine Sue or mail me for information. It is "not" a sect but a very ancient healing medium. It deals with "energy" healing similar to acupunture in that it focusses on the bodies energy pathways. There is absolutely no harm in it and is not religion based. Many western doctors and nurses use it although many are reluctant to admit they do. Like acupunture and other healing methods no-one guarantees a cure but some amazing things do happen.
I admit some religious orders may frown on Reiki and those who use it--but--I am a religious person and believe in a god-a power that overlooks us all. I put Reiki in the same category as "natural medicinal products" It exists to heal mind, body and soul.
I have now broken my first rule-never to discuss politics or religion over the internet. But for you and Bob, Sue--I will try anything.
luv yah guys, kanga n Jen

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Dear Sue,

I don't post often but read the posts everyday. I felt though that I had to response to your post. I am in a similar situation as Bob. I just failed my second treatment (Avastin, CPT-11, 5-FU and Leuv.)and am considering my possibilities. I have Erbitux to try but as I remember Bob tried Erbitux and has a very severe reaction to the infusion. So I understand where you are at. I had my colon resection done at Fox Chase and I loved the care I received but I found the doctors to be somewhat conservative in their approach. So, if I remember correctly you and Bob live in NJ and are within driving distance of Philadelphia and New York. I would try the holostic approach and I love reiki too, but I would also investigate other hospitals in the Phila area such as Jefferson and University of PA. Also I would be in contact with Sloane-Kettering in NY City. There are other clinical trials out there if Bob feels more comfortable with that approach. You just have to be able to find them. You may have to do some research and some travel, but you and Bob need to have other options to consider. I hope this helps and know that you two are in my thoughts and prayers.


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Oh Sue, What a tough time you guys are having...as if the cancer stuff isn't hard enough. I'm sorry that the center doesn't feel Bob can go ahead with their regimen. Was this a consultation, or your regular oncologist? I hope your own doctor can offer more support, and hopefully more options.
You are both in my prayers. Judy

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