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Desmoplastic Melanoma

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Hi all, I can usually be found in the colorectal cancer discussions (hubby dx), but I have a question for my boss. A year ago he had a pimple like bump on his ear. After it started to bleed, he went to docs. They did biopsy and found to be melanoma. They removed bottom portion of ear and several lymph nodes (which all tested negative). They are now discussing his options of preventive meds (he sees onc 11/18). The type of cancer he has is called desmoplastic melanoma. From what
I've read, it is rare. Is anyone familiar with this? Thanks for listening.

Linda (Baltimore)

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I am a 8 yr.surviror of desmoplaastic melanoma of palate.Had 1/2 of mouth removed,25 radiation treatments,then prosthesis made so I could eat,talk and drink. Am cancer free as far as I know.Radiation destroyed my salivary glands.Yes it is very rare.As far as Drs. could find out I was the 5th. in the world and the only and longest living surviror. They gave me 6 months to 1 yr. and thanks to their help, my Faith in God and my friends and family I am still going strong. Gloria Jean

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