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Done with chemo

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After seven months of 3 weeks on, one week off, I am done with chemo!!! I have been very fortunate in that I really only feel bad the day of chemo. By the next day, I was back to work. Next step is radio frequency ablation (RFA) on Novemebr 5th to zap the small met on the liver (less than 1 cm). They don't know if it is dormant or dead, but we aren't taking any chances. The procedure can be done laproscopically, and I should be able to go back to work within a week. My surgical oncologist thinks that I have a 75% chance of recurrence, but hey, that means 25% chance of non-recuurence or cure. I am convinced that I am in the 25% category and am cured. Only time will tell now. Thank you all for your support. I really am appreciative (I wish they had spell check) of the positve atitude and the survivors who keep us all hopeful. Mike

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Well done...I bet you feel great that the chemo is over. It is interesting that you are to have RFA. It is not often mentioned on these boards. It was put forward as a possible line of treatment for my husband when two suspicious nodules showed up on his liver when he had a post treatment CT scan. However the PET scan showed it was nothing. Even though we are covered by insurance for the most part, I was wondering what the cost of this treatment is...do you have any idea? I would really like to have some idea.

I am also wondering why your oncologist is predicting such a high chance of recurrence after all the treatment you have had. But I love your attitude! Keep thinking like that...someone has to be in that 25% and why shouldn't it be you!

All the best!

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Congrats Mike! My hubby has one post op treatment of chemo to go. We were given the same stats of 25% reoccurrence after liver resection also. I believe my hubby will be in the 25% and so will you!
They have now asked my husband if he would want to go on Avastin 1 day - 3 weeks off for a regime of 6 months. This would be totally up to him to have the Stats increase. They don't really have any prove yet, but oncologist feels it would not hurt since he is young.
My husband and I wish you the best! Keep us posted!

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ali, No I don't know how much the treatment is. I am fortunate to have insurance and with all the other stuff I've had this year, it should be fully covered. I think the cost should be significantly less than liver resection because I will only be in the hospital over night rather than a minimum of a week. Also the recovery time is much quicker. My surgical oncologist is also in a clinical trial to pay for 4 PET scans over the first year after chemo. Apparently, insurance companies are reluctant to pay for PET scans unless there is a reason (rising CEA, etc.). Take care . Mike

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Congratulations, Mike.

Your attitude and spirit will definitely help you be in that 25% group!!! Please keep us informed on your progress.

Best wishes,


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Great stuff Mike--am glad that you got thru the rotten stuff without too many side-effects. You must fell pretty pleased now it is over mate. Keep up the good attitude Mike. All the best from OZ. luv n huggs, kanga n Jen

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Well done mate- your attitude and approach to this whole mess is inspiring. It is a bloody long haul but keeping some sense of mundane normality to life by still going to work and keeping up old routines really helps. Sitting around pondering our bad luck at being members of this sight does no one any good so keep up th great work and let us know things progress.

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EXCELLENT MIKE!!!!!! We all benefit from the success stories, and thanks for sharing. The way I look at it, once diagnosed, as long as you continue to follow up with your docs, they can detect anything early enough to nip it right away anyway. And tell your docs that you don't need to hear percentages...you are a person, not the stock market!

All my best to you and yours,


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I agree with you Stacy--the way some of the doctors sprout off %'ages yuo would think they were running a betting ring--lol
I think most of us would prefer not to know!!!!!
luv always, kanga n Jen

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