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Liver ablations

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Had colon mets to liver. Could not resect due to location, so had 5 ablations done on April 23rd of this year. Took little over 2 months to recoup fully. From the middle of August until a week ago I was feeling just great. Then POW I had extreme abdominal pain. Ended up in emergency room and after several test and some drugs pain eased. They thought it might be gallbladder. 3 days latter even more severe pain. After cat scan they said I had a large bruise on my liver. Also mentioned liver my be low. After 10 hours the pain eased, but 2 days latter and I'm still sore like I had an injury to my midsection.

Has anyone out there had any similiar experience after liver ablations?

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Hey, long time no see!

I haven't heard of anything like what you have experienced. I have to admit, I was glad that you took the time to come back here, as I've been wondering about how you have been doing. Does the physician feel any action should be taken? I realize that you don't want to get hooked on pain meds, but used in moderation may get you up and moving better.

Let me know how you progress with everything,


(I'm not sure if it was Mike or Pam wrote this, but I hope you're both doing well considering everything you both have been through! Most of all, I hope I remembered your correct names!)

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Hi Galliano, sorry I can't help only know that this can be a complication of the Ablations that I read some where. I am a newly dx liver mets from my colon cancer that I had 3 years ago. I am waiting for resection mid next month. Only thing they are not completly sure that the cancer is not some where else. I will definitely know when they go in me. Was the ablation painful when you first had it done. Hows your appetite. I take meds to increase mine, If I don't take the meds I don't eat well. Sorry for answering your question with a few questions but over at the Liver Cancer board don't to many people respond to questions. Please keep me updated on your condition. I hope you feel better Livin.

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Hi Mike. sorry to be a bugger but I seen where you posted that your cea's were going up but at the time they didn't have a area to concentrate on. That's what happen to me on my visit to the doctor before I found out about my liver mets the doctor said my cea was going up slowly since 2003 and he was watching them. Well I looked at the doctor and said you mean my cea's are going up. By time next doctor appt. I developed a stomach ache and one thing lead to another. To make matters worst when I obtained my records I seen my cat scan from last year said that I had a 1.5cm vague area of decreased density in the right lobe of the liver. I never had a mri like the cat scan report suggested. I did have a lot of things going on last year at the time why they did the cat scan I had a intestional stricture that was killing me. Livin

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i had rfa dec 03 i do get cramps through my whole abdoman.i had no pain in my liver from the rfa but the incesion was sore it had been cut 4 times in the same spot. all in all i feel very lucky. they removed my gallbladder at the time they had my liver out so it would not cause problems down the road.

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Thanks Loiselizabeth for the infor. Are you on any special diet. Like you shouldn't eat fatty foods or do you remain on a regular diet as tolerated. Livin

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